TAD R1 owners

Hi all,

I just got the fortune to buy a new pair of TAD R1 speakers, after a search for new boxes that lasted over a year. I did like the range of TADs a lot and finally made the call.

So far I have like 50 hours on them and so hard to make any conclusions that can be definitive. They are evolving by almost the hour. In any case I do like a lot what I hear even as early as it is.

I know these have not been sold widely, mainly I guess given a not too good chain of distribution and dealers (and price for sure, but even compared to similar or higher priced speakers that seems to have a broader number of owners )... Go figure. However all the info you get from listeners and the like on the web, mainly at audio shows range from good to excellent.

I was hoping to find other owners here to share their experiences and take advantage of their longer knowledge, on areas like break in period, what changes they experienced in that period, etc.

Hope I can find a few out there willing to share!

Thanks in advance


Do you still have the r-1's? I have a pair but do not have anyone to talk to about technical questions(see thread i started today). If you have any info please contact me, Thanks