TAD CR-1 ?

Please tell me your opinion if you've heard them. Have you owned them and moved on? Do you have them now? What amp/preamp are you using? What speaker are you considering to replace them?
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Joe, don't mean to derail, but I'm seriously considering getting the CR-1's -- are there things you don't like about them? I have a 12x15 room, with a Chord 1050 amp, and not exotic cabling... I haven't read a bad word about them, so I 'd be grateful to hear some real word critiques about them if you have any...

Sorry again to reply off-topic,

The only bad thing I can say is that they are revealing of poor quality recordings. Good/great recordings are amazing. I personally prefer them with some tube gear. They may not have the height to the sound stage that some other speakers have, but sound stage width and depth is impressive. When they are set up properly, and it's not difficult, voices and instruments lock right in - right there in front of you. They act more like full size speakers that happen to be on stands. Just when I think I want to replace them, I find something else to love. I could find different but I don't think I could find better. That's why I am torn and asking for some advice.
Thanks, Joe.
I was also attracted to the CR-1's and have wondered how they stack up to something like the Magico Q3. I hear the Magicos are "more forgiving" but
I hear people sat a lot of things. ;-). Wish I knew someone with a pair in the St. Louis area.

I went to demo a pair of Wilson Alexia a couple of months ago. I really liked them. The dealer also happened to have Q3's there next to the Alexia. My friend and I asked if we could hear them as well. Let me tell you, and I don't know what it was, but the Q3 sounded like there was a blanket thrown over them. We were really surprised because I thought they'd be bright, if anything. Needless to say I ruled out the Q3, the Alexia are however on top of my list along with a few others. I now realize that system pairing (amp and preamp) are of paramount importance when choosing speakers. I know of some Sophia and Sasha setups that are supposed to sound amazing (I forget what electronics are being used). When I hear them, I will know. Magico S1 and S5 were also recommended to me.

One thing I need to say, at no time do I find my TADs tweeter fatiguing. My system can be on 10-12 hours a day and I never want to turn it off. It's that good.

You are welcome. Let us know what you decide, or if you have any other questions.
Joe, I can only pull my speakers about a foot and a half from the front wall -- I'm assuming that since the TADs are front ported, that wouldn't be a problem?
Joe, thanks for the anecdote. It's nice to know what regular listeners have to say as opposed to only reading "the reviews." I have been told that the Magico's work best with big, overbuilt solid state amps. Based upon what you're saying tubes might exacerbate the color. I'm a Thiel CS3.7 man and I might not be able to be satisfied with a speaker with such a distinct signature. That's why the TAD's sound attractive to me.
I don't have enough experience with the Magico Q series, just the Q3 that one time. I am interested in hearing the S1/S5 for fun. For my taste, I need tubes and/or warm solid state on my TADs. That's my personal preference only. I believe all the speakers you or I have mentioned have a distinctive sound that you really need to hear to be satisfied you've picked the right one. It has taken me a long time to appreciate what I have. Everything is a bit of a compromise and you have to pick your favorite traits that satisfy you.
True that.
Have you heard the Raidho D3's yet?
George (Octadyn)
Hi George,

I have, briefly and was very impressed. They are unlike any other speakers I've heard but I need a longer session to understand what I am hearing. The music just seems to hang in front of you.

What amplifier are you using with your TAD speakers?

I have been wondering if the CR-1s would work with my Lamm ML 2.1 SETs. Thanks.


I think TAD recommends about 2 feet as a minimum. That's where I have mine. Yes, they are front ported and I think 18 inches will be fine. I'd have to try it at 18 inches and hear how it sounds.


I use a Dartzeel 108, CJ ART monoblocks, the Job 225, and a Carver Black Magic for fun. The Carver is a little underpowered but if you lower your standards a little, it can sound really good. I think the Lammms you have might be fine. The TADs are 86 dB at 4 ohms but a fairly easy load. The Job has me surprised. I am enjoying it more than any other solid state amp so far.

I had a Dagostino Momentum and that was outstanding. Certainly one of the best.
10-15-13: Joeinid writes:
I had a Dagostino Momentum and that was outstanding.
I bet - that's a wonderful amp with incredible dynamics.

86dB and 4 Ohms is probably a bit much for me, but thanks a lot for responding.

My Job 225 is perfect on my TADs for me. I am extremely happy with the combo.