TAD 803 budget amp suggestions??

I am setting up a second system with a pair of used TAD 803SD's and would love to know if anyone has suggestions on a amp that would go well with these babies but that is as much as of a used bargain as the speakers themselves (I'm talkin' cheap people). I have a Wright WPL 10V preamp that i can use or not (e.g., if the amp has a volume pot), love tubes, listen to a wide variety of music in a smallish room and plan to use a good subwoofer with an old but perfectly functional Rotel RCD 855 cd player.

Let's hear it for Audiogon and for the financially challenged, a match made in heaven! Thanks everyone.

Maybe not ultra-cheap, but a great sounding amp/integrated that should be great with those speakers. May not be enough power if you plan to fill a large room with Rock & Roll or full Symphony, but should be excellent for any other use.

The Red Wine amps are really good. They would not be out of place in many big-rigs. I'm currently using one in my main system and couldn't imagine a better value in amplification.

Oh, they are also propular on the internet forums, so resale would be easy if you decide you don't absolutely love it...


Here's several that should mate well Scott Nixon Monos, VMB-1 monoblocks and a Gainclone.