TAD-60 vs Prima Luna

Has anyone heard both? They both have alot of buzz, does the extra power, pent/triode switch, feedback ajustablity win out over autobias? I guess the most direct comparison would be the prologue 4 amp vs the TAD-60 but any comparison with a prima luna product would be helpful.
The Cayin-Prima Luna actually is a hybrid solid state/tube design. Lower distortion at higher power is derived from the fact the amp has transistorized active feedback, two very bad words when you're talking tube amps. The active feedback also is the same circuit that auto adjusts the bias without music playing, a smart design till you hear a Cayin TA-30 that is 100% exactly the same amp except for the no no transistor feedback. Now I hear many TA-30 owners are trading up to the new TAD-60. Side by side the 60 smokes the Cayin. I'd give the TAD-60 a try - since you can check one out without a restocking fee for 2 weeks. To me simplicity is what makes a good tube amp design. The TAD amp really is built 1960's style inside & out. Should last a few lifetimes - not like the Prima-Luna - where you gonna get that bias IC when it blows in 15 years? Traveling Randy from S. Africa
rj@sfrr- I am a little curious if you have done a side by side of the ta-30 and the tad-60. I have quite enjoyed the ta-30 and am aware of it's strength and limitations, I just received the tad 150 and have yet to break it in for evaluation, but what I find interesting is how 60 watts can be achieved from the tad-60 el34 in an AB config without stressing the output tubes and going nova on a regular basis. Please tell us your experience here?
I have tried both TA-30 & TAD-60 side by side. The 60 offers depth and imagery detail in the midrange. Instruments at the right time seem to step forward & jump out - where the 30 sounds less enjoyable, more sedate. Bass is 2X stronger on the 60. Driving both with a TAD-150 is a plus - instrument placement and clarity much improved. Overall very pleased with what I heard. Sold my TA-30, not missed at all. No unusual tube problems with the 60. Audio power comes from the B+ power supply. EL-34's are very strong tubes - much more reliable than 6550 or KT-88. Traveling Randy
This is a response to traveling Randy from S. Africa, Be assured the Prima Luna amplifiers are ALL tube designs, with no transisitors or IC's in the signal paths. The active bias circuit uses a series of caps and resistors that biases each output tube individually, controlled by a central IC circuit, monitoring changes with each tube as it ages. There is no direct correlation or affect with its tube sound or its usage with the prescribed tubes as desired. The ultra-linear design has all the tube robust sound as its design was intended. No worry with these products becoming obsolescence or its parts including the IC, becoming none existant. Prima Luna has parts for this lifetime and the next for its products. Please do not conclude a products worth, without trying it out or asking questions from its designer or distributor. There is no excuse for ignorance, ask questions and be informative. The Prima amps are Great! As good as it gets, without the bias conflict worrying about tube aging and the use of unmatched tubes. If a tube goes bad, you replace the tube and a protective fuse, without a service charge. These amplifers mark an advancement of worry free design and enjoyment.
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See Upscaleaudio.com for further information on the complete Prima Luna amplifiers, preamp and integrated products. Kevin will more than help answer questions and provide technical facts and information about each of these products. The pictures and desriptions are worth visiting his website.