TAD-60 speaker connection

I just bought a TAD-60 amplifier, biased the EL-34's to single ended class A, and set it up. Speakers can be connected to either 4 or 8 ohm terminals. I have Acoustic Zen Adagios that are rated at 6 ohms. My question; which speaker terminals do I use---the 4 or the 8 ohm? Thanks for any advice.
Try both and listen to which one sounds better.
The 4-ohm taps should have less distortion and better bass control into nominal 6-ohm rated speakers... although that doesn't necessarily mean you will like the sound better... Lots of folks love the sound of even-order harmonic distortion and "puffy" bass. As the above poster said, try it both ways and let your ears decide.
Same answer as always,listen and decide for yourself,after all,you are the one that has to live with them.
yup, try both

how does the tad-60 sound with those speakers?