TAD-60 mods

please share any mods to this fine amp
I don't have mods to share but if you do go down this road I'd suggest sending it to Jeff Grawicki (not exactly sure on last name spelling) at Soniccraft. He's experienced and very knowledgeable at modding tube gear.
Bypass the volume control
Replace cheap coupling caps
Replace cheap resistors in signal path

This is a great start. The power supply could also be improved by using more capacitance, using chokes instead of the power resistor .....

Use good solid core copper wire.

I have done this plus more to great effect.
Hi Grannyring,
Are we talking about Tube Audio Design TAD-60? If so, do you remember how many coupling caps and their value?
I have its schematic here, I see two .47mfd 400V from 12AU7s 12AU7s ? (I see one .1mfd 400V but not sure)

BTW: I took your advise on jb JFX caps on my Carver 180 - great result and way cheaper in compare with other brand
I got confirm from audiokarma - TAD-60 needs 4 of .47mfd
Ya, the resistors also need to be replaced with Mills....
These Mills resistors cost even more than jB Premium capacitors :(
Tiny little resistor made in Mexico cost like $4 each
I'm using Mills in my Carver 180 (also with jB caps from your advice) - Great result for little money
Thuan98, happy for you and glad to see open minded folks like you who are willing to try!
I screwed up and created two threads. The other thread is titled "Modifying the TAD-60