Tad 1000's quiet?

Have a TAD 150 sig along side my 1000's and some Mirage speakers (not sure of the model). I can literally turn the pre all the way up running my Basis turntable or iPhone. Am I missing something?
Make sure your TT is pluugged into the phono input and move the switch on the back from mc to mm, and see if that helps.
Something is definitely wrong. I had a tad 60 and a 150 and at 10 o'clock on my preamp my 86 db proacs were very loud. Have you turned the gain all the way up on the amps?

Has it always been this way or did it start recently?
Bad tubes? Its a pretty basic setup and it has been like this since I purchased both the TAD pre and amp. Was pretty exited to get the equipment hooked up and quickly bummed at the output. I think something has got to be off.....
Have you used either the pre or the amps with different equipment to narrow down the problem? I would try running a source straight to the amps since the have a gain control to see if its the amp. Also what tubes are you using in the preamp?
I would have to check the tubes but they are the recommended types. I have used my TT, iPhone, laptop. Fresh out of sources. All tubes illuminate but I do not have a tube tester.
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No, I plug the Mac or iPhone straight into the pre.
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Make sure the volume is all the up on everything you are plugging into your preamp.

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How would I plug an iPhone into the mono blocks?
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Run a cable from the headphone jack on your iphone to one of the rca inputs on your preamp. Just be careful with the volume control.
Yes as zd points out run the 3.5mm headphone/rca cable to the inputs on your monoblocks. If I am not mistaken the tad 1000 each have a volume/gain control. Turn down the volume first and then slowly turn it up once you have music playing.
There are several things you don't mention in your original post. If this a recent occurrence or has this combo always acted this way?

If it just started happening, you need to check for tubes going bad or gain knobs that got bumped or inadvertently adjusted downward.

I read up on the 150 Sig a bit, and the circuit can accommodate various tubes, specifically 12AU7, 12AT7, or 12AX7. These are all in the same family but have different amounts of gain; the 12AU7 has the lowest gain of the three and 12AX7 has the highest.

Is your turntable plugged into the phono inputs? Have you recently changed cartridges to a low output moving coil cartridge? I suppose that might not be the problem since you get the same low-gain problem with your iPhone, but it could be a coincidence. Check where you have the volume set on your iPhone as well as on the monoblocks.
Louder for sure but I can still turn the amp all the way up with iPhone turned all the way up.
Combo has acted like this since I bought them both at the same time. I have a Lyra Clavis dc cart on my Basis Tt with a sound smith ruby retip. As I said it is louder bi passing the 150 but I would still guess turning them all the way would be an impossibility. Do all tube amp owners own a tube tester? I'm guessing it's the only way to know if any are bad? I can list the tube types later this evening if that would help.
He states that it has always been this way and I asked what kind of tubes he has in it because as you said Johnny if HD is using 12au7's that could cause the low gain issue.

Brinmeliss, did you buy these pieces new or used? If you purchased them second hand did you contact the seller and ask if this had been a problem for them?
Bought the 1000s on here and after a lengthy delay seller said he had no issues with amp. Bought the 150 from my uncle in Cali that he used. He did some mods to it. I hate to get him involved because he will want me to send it back so he can tweek it and quite honestly I'm not up for it unless all else fails... Amp have (4)KT 88's..(1) el-34.. (1)WY1...(1)12Ax7 and (1) 6E2 per side
The TAD 150 Signature's phono stage is made for high output cartridges. The OP's Lyra Clavis puts out a low 0.25mV.

I also wonder how you couldn't notice the totally tipped up treble and rolled off bass (i.e., completely unlistenable tonal balance) when connecting your turntable directly to the TAD monoblocks without benefit of RIAA equalization.

Based on your last post, you need to talk to the previous owner, your uncle. It's hard enough for us to ferret out the specs and characteristics of the discontinued standard model. Since it's a modified one-off, we have no idea what it does or doesn't do.
Gotya Johnny, I enjoy listening to music and put out for a satisfactory system. Not sure of all that you speak of, you obviously are a seasoned vet. This rookie just wonders why his system doesn't crank. Sounds great but low db.
Shouldn't you have a pair of 6v6 tubes in the place of the el34? In not too familiar with this amp but having 1 el34 tube in each amps seems odd to me.
Could send you a picture but if you aren't too familiar with the amp it may not help.
Just to make sure do you have the gain knob in the back of the amp turned all the way up? As I said I own the 150 pre and had the 60 tube amp. I would say tad gear is great value for the money and if you get it sorted out you may be very happy. Having said that I sold my tad 60 after hearing a class d audio SDS 470c. To me it sounded more like a tube amp even though its a class d amp.
I did bias them. Have all user manuals and I'm an electrical contractor. I'll try and rebias them over the weekend. Live in Philadelphia burbs, need a pro to swing on over.....
Out of curiousity have you tried hooking a CD player up to the 150 and or trying the other inputs? I owned the 150 and regret selling it, also about to get my 1000's back. Whatever you do don't use kt 66 tubes in them
Have tried all the outputs to no avail. Have not tried a CD player. I did figure out that it is equally as loud bypassing the pre and hooking up to the 1000's. Either it's an issue with both 1000's (odd) or ..... Or I don't know. Like my source isn't putting out but that would be odd that my laptop, turntable and iPhone would all found pretty similar in db.
"02-18-15: Johnnyb53
The TAD 150 Signature's phono stage is made for high output cartridges. The OP's Lyra Clavis puts out a low 0.25mV."

That should be what's wrong. If you're using a low output cartridge with a low output phono stage, the system should sound exactly like you describe. Try connecting a regular line level Source component to one of the other inputs on you preamp. (CD/DVD player would be best, and it doesen't have to be anything high end. Any player will do). Just make sure not to connect it to the phono input, it has to be one of the others. If the system works OK, then you're going to have to change something in your TT setup.