TacT2.2-A true Revolution?

I recently replaced my Jeff Rowland Coherence II with the TacT. This thing is UNBELIEVABLE!. Not only does the room corection do wonders, the DAC and parametric equalizer are great. Totally transparent.Smooth, sdetailed and as undigital as my old linn CD12. I have reviewed for many high-end publications, heard alot of gear. This is THE most profound and prophetic piece of gear I have ever used. Any thoughts?
"I just reviewed the Dodson for Stereotimes. While I have not heard the Meitner, those who have heard it and heard the 218 were far more impressed with the 218. That thing is a beast."

Is the DAC in the 2.2X better than the 218?
I borrowed one from a polish distributor. Unfortunately we have had problems with establishing communication between the TacT and my computer, so I was not able to test its room correction features. However, I used his digital pre-amp capabilities for over 2 weeks and it easly bettered my Krell KRC-3 (inserted it between my CDT and DAC; KRC-3 was removed) .

As it turned out, when it was shipped to Danemark for repair (the distributor thought that something was broken), someone changed something is one of his sub-menus. I will be evaluating it shortly once again.
I believe you've discovered how much room acoustics affect the sound. It is a revelation and most people have no idea how important it is. It's a whole new level of sound quality and realism.
Well, I have to say my experience with the Tact 2.0 RCS was less satisfactory.

Regardless of the correction employed- and trust me I REALLY worked with it, it still could not give me what my ASC tube traps provide. Now admittedly, I have more money tied up in tube traps than the Tact costs- but the Tact always pulled a bit of "life" from the midrange and slightly constricted the hall ambience (for want of a better term).

The thing did do some things wonderfully well, and the Tact 2.2 seems to be a better unit.

I've concluded however that the best way to tame an analog problem like room resonances/nodes is with an analog solution- like the intelligent use of ASC Tube Traps, RPG wall treatments and so on.
I have a Tact 2.2x and find it 100 times more effective than tube traps (which I also have). The Tact requires a lot of care and time to set up properly, but the impact is far greater than any other type of room correction. Lots of flexibility too, depending on your individual preferences.
100 times better than Tube Traps? Well the 2.2 must be many orders of magnitude better than the 2.0 RCS!

If so, congratulations :)