Tact XP with 16 bit DACs and biamping

I am considering a Tact XP to use with my system as a means to integrate horn woofers with my Avantgarde Duo Omegas to replace the 225 woofers. This seems like an ideal way to integrate the woofers but I am suspcious of adding proccessing to the chain.

I love my Altmann DAC and was thinking of using the EQ and room correction features of the Tact as well as a digital crossover with the digital output to feed my Altmann. I would also get another Altmann so I would have one for the main and another for the woofers. I would control the volume with a pair of Placette remote volume controls on the analog outputs of the DACs. This convoluted scheme is based on reports of inferior performance of the DAC modules in the Tact. So

* anyone have good results with the Tact and 16 bit DACs
* what is your take on the ADC and DAC modules in the Tact vs. outboard units ?
* I would need to feed my phono preamp into the Tact ADC. Would I lose the vinyl magic?
* Any other ideas on how to do this ?
* Am I nuts to even consider such a scheme ?
Who told you of the inferior performance of the Tact DAC's. I have a Tact 2.2XP with the optional DAC's which replaced a Levinson 630S DAC with a BAT VK-51SE preamp. I also used a MBL DAC and in both cases the Tact DAC performed as good as, if not better, than the exterior DAC. I think getting rid of compatbility complexities and interconnects is a big deal. I haven't tried the MauiMods to the Tact DAC's but if they are anything like the power supply mod, they're worth it. The Tact is a sophisticated piece of equipment that, with a little patience, will amaze you. All this stuff you're trying to do will be a nightmare to set up. Make sure you get the Tact 2.2XP, it's much better than the 2.0.

I might be able to help. I just set up a pair of Avantgarde Trios with Tact W210 subwoofers and a Tact 2.2 XP this weekend.

I have been using a Tact 2.2 for the past ~ 4 years, at first with Sonus Faber Guarneri's and REL Strata Subs, then with Tact W210 subs in place of the RELS< followe dby Kharm 3.2 CRM FE's in place of the Guarneri's. and now the Trios in place of the Kharma's. The W210'a are amplified byt a pair of Marantz MA700 monoblock (200 wpc), and my main speaker amps ar eCJ PRemier 8 XS (135 watts pure triode), though I am now auditioning the Lamm ML2's with the Trios. Beofre buying a tact, I used a top of the line BAT SE tube preamp.

I have not tried the 225 subs with the Trios. I have 2 pairs in the basement, but was told by the owner (these are on loan) that they wer enot all that good.

The integrations of the W210 subs and the Trios using the Tact 2.2 XP in my room (25 by 19 by 8.5 feet) is amazing. The W210's are not as loud as the Trios, but the Tact allows you to precisely mathc levles and tim-align the subs and the mains, so integration is seamless. The W210's are more thna fast enough for the Trios and,at $ 4400 a pair, one hell of a bragain vs any of the new Avantgarde Subs. I would ike to get another pair of W210's or a W410 in order to increase the output a fee dB..but as it is I get clean bass down to 20 Hz, and I'm down only 2 dB at 16 Hz.

One caveat...my Tact is heavily modified by Aberdeen Components - I have the so called "full enchilada" version, with a new power supplied, heavily modded D/A and A/d modules, and a heavily modded motherboard. This is NOT you grandfather's Tact! ONce ANthony Padilla gets done with the Tact, this thing rivals most outbaord DAcs and preamps. If you are considering a Tact, I wold NOT go with outboard DAC's..this will only introduce jitter and cost due to the additional interfaces and interconnects..and Anthony's modded DACs are VERY good....especialy wit the right trnasport (try his modded North Star 192..awesome for the $).

I listen to a lot of vinyl (Basis Debut Gold, Vector arm, Benz LP cartridge, Pass XOno preamp) and have no qualms abotu feeding it into the Tact A/D. It STILL sounds like vinyl, and it STILL beats the pants of CD..

I have no idea how your room measures, but in my experience abit of DSP correction and precise X-over settigns and delay setting will far outweigh any potential compromises introduced by the Tact. Again..I speak ONLY for the Aberdeen modifieds units. The stock Tact is good, but they dont use the highest quality components. When Anthony gets done with his upgrades, this thing is magic. Give him a call...he may even have a demo/trial unti to send you - he is a stand up guy..

I wont say the Tact is better than a top flight tubed preamp in aperfect room, but for what you are trying to do.I woud not go any other way...

Fully agree with 4bucc...tha Mauiu Mods (same as Aberdeen Components) make the world of difference. The power supply is the highest priority as it impacts the entire unit...but every other mod improves the unit.
Thanks for the info. My comment about the DACs was based on other things I've read on forums. I've never heard them so I was hoping to get some feedback.

I agree my proposed scenario is a nightmare and internal DACs would be much more simple.

Alex, the Tact subs you mention aren't on their web site.

Looks like I might just have to try one of these Tacts.