TacT users- Help

Recently purchased a TacT 2.0S from a fellow Agon'er and had a chance to set it up in the recently constructed dedicated room. WOW WOW WOW these devices really are amazing. THe challenge I am facing, and do not believe to be insurmountable is, using the TacT with a pair of monitor speakers and a REL Storm. The Rel is hooked up to the Amp with the speakon connection.
Have not seen a published approach to this application. I recently learned that one should not set the low freq cut off on the TacT at the low end of the Rels response. I am thinking set the Rel's X over the same freq as the monitors roll off at, or maybe 5-10 htz higher, and turn the volume level up so it is just noticeably higher than normal. This should keep the monitors from being over drivem in the low freqs cause the Tact would be cutting the low freqs and not boosting them. Am I on base with this train of thought?
Thanks for insoght on this fellas.
You are thinking exactly right. I too could find no information on this problem. I have been using my Tact 2.0S with subs for a couple of years using the second line output (with a bal to unbal adapter) from the Tact. I have also tried the speaker level, and it works too. (Do not try speaker level with a Tact digital amplifier without further instructions.)
I looked at the in-room graph of my main speakers (full range) and it showed a peak at 80HZ valley followed by a lumpy mess going down. I used my subs to fill in the hole crossing the subs at 55HZ. The Tact will equalize the whole mess as if it is one speaker, thereby rolling off the mains.
I suggest that you cut the subs off sharply at their -3db points. If you use -6db you eat up too much amplifier power for most setups. I cut at 30HZ.
Good luck.
Thanks Samujohn,
Just to confirm- Cut the sub off at it's -3db point via the TacT setting. I should leave the speakon hookup in place and set the REL x-over high (perhaps at the -3db point as well) with the volume turned up to keep the TacT from boosting these frequencies thereby allowing the REL to do the low freq work and freeing the monitors up from low freq demands. After hearing how the TacT cleans up the bass I sure would hate to lose this advantage; but I would hate to cook another driver!
Thanks for your attention.
My Quad subs have specs that say -6 DB @ 25HZ. I set the Tact menu at 30HZ for measurements. My subs have several built in crossover selection points. I selected 55HZ because I measured my main speakers by themselves, saw them peak at 80HZ (at about +4DB) and then start to fade out.
(Send me an email and I can send you a picture of the graph)
The Subs have an 18DB HF roll off so crossing at 55HZ allows for the composite of the two speakers to be roughly flat, with the Tact only smoothing the result. The less correction the better.
My subs are as close to my main speakers as physically possible. Obviously trial and error can refine the results. I found that the lower the crossover point the better- provided no "hole" resulted. I also found that the even though the main speakers still contributed down to cut off at 30HZ, that the few DB of reduced volume made all the difference. Your results may vary.