TacT Room Correction System processors

Anybody have any experience they'd like to comment on with regards to the TacT digital room correction processor? The Tact is similar in function to Perpetual Technology's perpetually promised room correction processor. Any other digital room correction processors out there on the market? (Note -- a room correction processor is much more than a a garden-variety equalizer; it measures the speaker/room impulse response and applies its inverse to the signal, nullifying colorations and resonances imparted by the speaker and room. An RCS may be thought of as a "super"-equalizer in that equalizes both amplitude and delay at all frequencies in exceedingly small resolution bands far smaller than an EQ's typical 1/3 octave bands.)
i don't know the tact but it sounds like its "purpose" is similar to that intended for the accuphase dg-28. check it out on their website.
Sigtech makes several. I have not auditioned any, however.
I own the Sigtech and have hade the Tact unit in my room. I the room response (impluse and MLSSA) independently measured by and audio engineer. The Sigtech was far smoother. It also sounded better. I thing the Tact would be best for five channel HT. I have Dunlavy SC-v and the combination with the Sigtech is awesome.
Cornfedboy: thanks for the lead. The Accuphase DG-28 appears to be a very high quality automated graphic equalizer, but it doesn't look like it does true impulse response correction, just steady state frequency response correction (i.e., it adjusts amplitude but not phase of the speaker/room transfer function). As such it doesn't do a complete job of cleaning up transient effects such as room reflections and reverberations. Mouse and Pls1: thanks, the Sigtech Time Field correction processor is exactly the sort of thing I'm after. Unfortunately, their web site is a bit bolloxed up and the link to their home audio products is dead.
To 1439bhr. There web site is a joke but give them a call. The usual deal is that they will send a rep with a unit who will do full impulse measurements and ten install the unit in your system. They will charge you a consulting fee of $100/hour for four hours. If you order one they apply the 400 to the price. If you are seriously interested I would be happy to talk to you. I've posted extensively on this on other threads. For large scale orchestral music, organ or bass heavy techno the results are quite astonishing.
Plsl - Do they have a "viable" solution for analog? The only thing holding me back is that I listen to a lot of LP's and don't quite cherish the thought of the analog signal being digitized, "massaged", then converted to analog again. But..maybe it does less harm than good...
They don't have an analog solution yet. The acoustics of my room were pretty good to begin with (impulse measurements, etc). I have basic first reflection room treatments which improves some of the most noticable room effects (also by measurement). On chamber or solo voice the effect of the Sigtech isn't as startling but is noticable. However, no room treatment is going to adjust for all the nulls and peaks from 20-250 Hz let alone an asymmetric room. I have an A to D converter after and EAR or Phenonena MC phon preamp and it sounds quite good. For very large scale works I prefer CD anyway. One caveat, I use Dunlavy SC-V which have flat frequency and superb impulse respone. I've been told by Sigtech that the change in listening experience is greater in speakers that aren't impulse coherent.