tact reliability

So I went into the Sound Room in vancover because they were the only Tact dealer I new of to find that they no longer carry the line. The salesman reluctantly told me they no longer carry any tact equipment because it was too unreliable. He wouldnt elaborate past that. Has anyone else found this to be an issue??? If so can you tell me what the issues are??
I've owned a Tact RCS 2.2X for the past 4 years. Mine has a modded power supply, is run hard every day(high volume levels that tax it's output voltages), and has proven quite reliable. Any questions that I've had have been answered/addressed quickly, personally and professionally by the company's owner, Boz. The mic that came with the unit did fail after two years, and I had to purchase another(with it's correction curve data disc). A small price to pay for the many hours of musical enjoyment the unit has provided. That's a very common occurance with the cheaper Behringer type mics(less expensive mic cartridges). I've gone through quite a number in the venues I service that have used the Behringer DEQ 8024 or 2496. I've a REALLY challenging acoustic to work with at home, and the TacT has brought it under control in a number of invaluable ways. Don't hesitate to audition a Tact product in your home, especially if you are into actively bi-amping.
The first piece of Tact equipment I purchased (used on Audiogon) developed a bad channel. I called Tact, and they sent me a new memory board via priority mail, which snapped in easily and cured the problem. They considered it under warranty, and did not charge me anything.
My current Tact, a 2150X, (also purchased on Audiogon) was upgraded by Tact to an XDM for a nominal charge and has been totally reliable.
Tact units are different in their operation from conventional audio gear. Some users are unwilling to learn the procedures for making measurements and installing new curves, so blame the equipment. Some dealers simply do not have the time or desire to educate their customers in using innovative products.
In the end it is all about great customer service, and that is what TACT provides, bar none. I agree that a dealer needs sales time on TACT, but the margins are there.
Typical salesman response!
ANY time a dealer has a problem with a company, even if they found out their customers weren't interested.. they claim the stuff is crap. This is a standard pitch... So I would ignore the salesmans trash-talk.
The salesman KNOWS you want THAT product. They do NOT have it!! They HAVE TO SAY IT IS CRAP TO GET YOU TO STAY IN THE STORE, and buy something else they DO sell.
I had this happen with a dealer who sells Rega. I wanted a VPI Classic.. Well his VPI is crap meter went into hyperdrive. (I guess VPI is like killer busy making more Classic's and not answering the phone.)
(PS I bought the rega P5.. Damn! he is the ONLY dealer in town worth the bother. Even though his bullshit meter works just like all the rest.)
thanks all.
Boz at TacT has spent numerous hours on the phone with me answering my questions in detail. He is a stand up guy, on one occasion he called me back personally after the shop had closed and gave me an hour of his time. One of the best companies I have dealt with, not to mention they make amazing products!

I have recently been interested their Ambiophonics processing.

My experience has been very different. I bought an RCS 2.2x a few years ago in the UK, and after a few months one channel failed. This was repaired under warranty - there was a UK presence at that point. I've been using it in 2.1 mode, but 6 months ago moved to 2.2 mode. to find that one of the subs channels was dead. So far Tact has completely ignored my enquiries on service, so support does appear to be non-existent.
I did have some email correspondence with Boz over my attempts to get a serial to Ethernet connection to the RCS (the RCS uses a serial connector to link to the master PC) so he does exist. However, he's been totally silent when I ask him about servicing the unit. Maybe the equipment is so reliable that it seldom needs repair, but if it does you're on your own, from my experience. So ask yourself - do you want to pay the money TacT asks for and not have any manufacturer support when needed? I for one will not buy any more TacT equippment.
Have you tried to contact Boz by phone? It might cost a bit, but- it IS a way to avoid, "failures to communicate."