Tact RCS 2.0 with upsampler

Where is the best place in the chain to put the Tact or SigTech Room Correction Systems? I currently have a Sonic Frontiers Transport 3 and Processor 3. SF will soon be offering a P3 upgrade that includes an upsampler. However, this would require that the RCS be placed before the upsampler.

Does anyone know if the Tact gives higher resolution correction on pre-upsampled signal or does it make any difference where the upsampler is located? Also, is anyone aware of any other manufacturers working on RCS systems?
My Sigtech is located before my dCS 972 upsampler. I've also had it before the MSB Platinum upsampling DAC. I've measured response through the upsamplers and without. It didn't make a difference.
I have my TacT RCS 2.0 before my Purcell/Delius. Can the TacT accept a signal that is already upsampled??
Yes, I believe it can currently do 96/20 and will soon be able to do 192/24. I suspect that it may be more accurate with higher res data, but am not sure.