Tact RCS 2.0 Room Correction Preamp


I wanted to know if I can use the TacT RCS 2.0 Basic version for room correction purpose only and NOT as a preamp.

I want to connect my Transport to the RCS and RCS to the Audio Aero Dac which also is my preamp.

Would this work? does the RCS add any colour to the sound besides the obvious room correction :)

Sure. In fact, this is exactly what I do. Simply set the RCS 2.0 to unity gain....and let your preamp control volume. There something to be said for doing it this way. Digital volume controls lead to some loss of resolution at low volume because they control volume by dropping bits. Does your Audio Aero control volume digitally or in the analog domain? I'm moving off topic here. Bottom line is that you certainly can use the TacT for room correction only.

Thanks for the reply harry, does the RCS according to you have a charecter of its own when the room corrections are bypassed? or it is completely transperent in the equipment chain?

As for the audio aero the volume control is in the analog domain.

I'm using my RCS 2.0S only for room correction. It has
both the A/D and D/A convertors. I am using the A/D for
my turntable input, but I'm outputting my Levinson #37
transport directly to the RCS. I'm using a Levinson #360
DAC for conversion of the digital output from the RCS
before inputting to a Levinson 380S preamp. The RCS
upconverts the digital signal to 24/96 for slightly
better resolution.

Interesting question. In bypass mode, the RCS is very quiet and I don't believe it adds much in the way of sonic signature. But if your room is anything like mine you would WANT it to add its sonic signature by removing the bass modes and negative room effects.

Currently, I listen with headphones a bit...and put the RCS into bypass. Sounds great. But I can't say that i've compared this to pulling the TacT out entirely, which would give you an answer.

I considered buying another DAC and headphone amp so I could run a different path for headphones.....but I have other priorities.

Bottom line....I love the TacT gear and it has helped my system tremendously.

You might want to check out the TacT audio user group at yahoogroups.com for lots of information.

Thanks harry I think I will take the plunge and order one and see what it can do for my system.


If you can swing it....order the RCS 2.0S or 2.2x and NOT the RCS 2.0. The RCS 2.0S was a great improvement over the 2.0.