TACT rcs 2.0 is a better choice as a pre?

y have a jeff rowland 12 and talon raven speakers.and y need to by a pre and cd player .y thought by a pre rowland synergy lli and cd player electrocompaniet emc1 but my dealer recomend me a tact rcs 2.0 24/192 upgraded as a pre. ┬┐what do you think? AND IF Y BUY THE TACT AS A PRE,CAN Y USE IT AS A DAC TOO AND JUST NEED A TRANSPORT? Y REALY NEED HELP THANKS
As far as I know, the TacT RCS 2.0 has a built-in DAC and digital volume control, so yes, all you would need is a transport -- and of course some good quality cables. A lot of folks are happy using the Tact exactly that way. The room correction that the Tact affords is nice to have as well...
The Tact RCS 2.0 has many incarnations. Make sure the particular unit your considering for purchase can accomodate all your particular needs. Tact regularly updates their web site (not always for the better). I suggest you visit it. The answer to your question is yes if appropriately equipped. Good luck.
I don't recommend using the 2.0 as a preamp. Despite TacT's claims to the contrary, you start loosing resolution when you control the volume via the TacT. For high settings, say 85.0-99.9, it sounds fine. But when you start going below 85, the sound starts getting lifeless. My buddy with a 2.0 was using it as a preamp, but once I convinced him to try putting his analog preamp back in the system, he has never gone back.

Also, you have excellent equipment, so you may want to consider an external DAC. The DAC card for the 2.0 is good for the money, but to my ears it is not in the league of your other components.

The 2.0 is to my mind the best component available for home audio. There is simply nothing that makes more of an improvement for less money. But it does take a big commitment from the owner. To get the best from it, you will need to spend time trying different curves and learning about it. At first you may be frustrated. But hang in there - in time you will be very richly rewarded.

Does the TacT loose resolution when used with their own unique amps?
Santafefrank, I've noticed the same thing with my TacT RCS. Decreasing the volume control on the TacT sucks the dynamics from the music. However increasing the volume above 93.9 makes the music seem hard and unnatural. I just leave mine at 93.9.