TACT RCS 2.0 DD Integration

Hi! Need your advice, as usual. I'm interested in buying TACT RCS 2.0 mainly for the room correction properties and not to use as a pre-amp. The one that's for sale now is DD version, which to me means that it should be in between my CDP and DAC ( My system is Sony NS DVP 999ES SACD, Musical Fidelity 3.24 DAC, Bryston SP-1.7 and Anthem MCA 50 Power amp.).
So this placement should take care of Redbook CD playback only (from CDP digital out to DAC digital in).
Now, what about SACD playback?( I'm talking about 2-ch. only, since TACT is the 2-ch. device), it only has analog outs. How do I employ TACT RCS for SACD?
Also if I were to use TT, this DD version of TACT would't be much help either?
Please, help me to figure out this configuration!
Should I look for AA version instead? Thanks in advance
The only option you have is to buy an A/D for the TacT to digitize the analog outs from your SACD and phono preamp.
The unit is module based. Kr4 is right and you just have to buy ADC module for 2.0. You may want to ask TacT for its availability. As far as I know, 2.0 has been upgraded to 2.0S, and those two models do NOT share motherboard.