Tact RCS 2.0 ADC/DAC

Does anybody with a Tact RCS 2.0 use an external AD convertor and what is the difference, also is it better to use their DA convertor or an external one, any recomondations?
I have only heard this TACT piece one time and I did not like it. It was being used as a DAC and Room Correction in a pretty bad room with some megabuck electronics, and I did not like the sound.

I would highly recommend an external DAC.

Recommendations... What is your budget?

Hi Tok20000,
My budget is about 4k
The A/D/A for the Tact 2.0 is nothing special. It's not competitive with the quality of systems that really benefit from the RCS process. I use an MSB Platinum DAC with the 2.0. The A/D/A in the Tact 2.2 is reputed to be a major advance for their product.

If you're really interested in the intricacies of Tact products, then check out there use group forum:

For $4k one can get a lot of DAC, especially on the used market.

If I was going to buy a DAC, I'd look at the following:
1 - Audio Note DAC - These are not cheap, but can be found used. I know people that swear by their sound.

2 - Muse Model 192, one of my friends has this DAC, and it is the best DAC he has heard in his system.

3 - You might want to look at a DCS digital piece. For $4k used, you may be able to buy one.

4 - Audiologic 2500 DAC, maybe not cutting edge technology, but if you can find one used, it could be a very good deal. This tube DAC is supposedly great sounding.

Personally, my preference is one box players. One box players have come a long ways in the last 20 years.

Every time you add a piece you may increase the possibility of adding jitter.