Tact rcs 2.0

I bought a used tact Rcs 2 aa from a dealer on audiogon that happens to also be stereo shop in Texas. The person used this unit as a trade in on a newer unit. When I received the unit, using the analog in and out, in bypass mode, the volume was very loud. The volume up /down did not do anything. After a few min. all of a sudden the volume went to "normal". I got the software loaded and put one of the preset curves into the correction part and ran the test. When the test pulsing ( clicking noises? ) were done and i turned off the software,the sound was completely distorted and then the volume control would not work at all again. It is now quiet and will not turn up or down. I thought maybe something was up with the program so i tried it back in bypass and still no volume. I tried to load a new curve and again, no or low volume. Turning the volume up or down has no effect. The test pulsing noises do come though at normal volume but, no music via the analog outputs or inputs.

I thought maybe something was up with the analog input board so I tried the cd player direct to the digital input coax and still, no volume. You can hear a little music faint but turning the volume up or down doesnt do anything. You can see the numbers change but, no volume change. it is just faint. I then hooked my Mcintosh c-39 preamp back up to verify my dac was working for the cd player and it worked fine. Put the tact back in and no volume. A few times the volume came back for a second but then the volume button didnt make it go up or down and it would then go quiet about as fast as it came on.

I then thought maybe it needs an update so I went to the Tact web site and followed the instructions on the web and loaded the latest software and the latest firmware ( 1.5) into the tact and it did load successful. I reran the correction setup and still the same issues were happening. This did not make any difference if I was using cor1 or bypass. Both had the same issue.

I unplugged the tact for a few min. and hooked it back up. The volume came back extremely loud for 4 or 5 min with no volume control, and then it got quiet again and you can hear only quiet faint music. Again using the volume did not do anything and putting it in bypass or cor1 did not make a difference on volume.

Any tips for me to try to get this working? Could one of the boards got loose during shipping? If I cannot figure out why this is happening, and the place doesnt take it back for it being damaged, where can i send this to be fixed? I have tried calling Tact and I only receive voice mail with no call back for about a week. I also sent an email to Tact and received a bounce back saying the email address is unknown as well as tried sending through their web based email system with no response.

Thanks everyone for the help!
sign up at the tact audio users group and post your problem there. there are two very knowledgable guys on that forum that can help. good luck.
What's going on with TacT? Are they still in business?