TACT Power Supply Upgrade From Aberdeen Components

Received my Tact Power Supply upgrade from Anthony at Aberdeen Compnents last week and finally got around to installing it on Saturday, aided by my local Tact dealer. I can only say that everything that has been written about the stock Tact PS on the TACT Users Group is right on the mark. The Tact is a wolf in sheeps's clothes as a preamp, and putting in a properly designed power supply definitely transforms it. I know there are many DIY solutions out there, but for those who, like me, want a hassle free, drop in upgrade the Aberdeen mod is the ticket. I was mightily impressed about the parts quality (Black Gates and all the other audiophile goodies), and even more about the sound after we plugged it in. The improvements in soundstaging, separation, coherence, subwoofer to main speaker integration, and resolution were significant. Beyond this, what really impressed me was the newly found "robustness" to the sound, as if the mids and low mids I didnt know were missing before had suddenly materialized. The Tact was a decent preamp before, and a great room correction device. After this upgrade, it is has become a GREAT pre, and most definitely a keeper for the foreseeable future. Kudos to Anthony for a great design....
Which version of RCS is this for? 2.0, 2.0s. 2.2x?
All of them, though I installed in a 2.2 X
Is your RCS D/A or D/D? Mine is D/D and I am curious as to what benefits the PS upgrade would yield.
How much for the upgrade? Parts plus installation cost?
"Which version of RCS is this for? 2.0, 2.0s. 2.2x?"


It works in all the RCS units and the TCS. The PS improves
D/D, D/A and A/D performance.

"How much for the upgrade? Parts plus installation cost?"


Per the ad:
it's $600. If you know to use an allen wrench and a philips screw you can install it yourself in 5 minutes.
Mo soldering is required.

I'm using one in my 2.2X and Alex's description of the performance/improvements are right on the money.


I just installed the Aberdeen upgraded power supply and if you own a TacT preamp, you should RUN to the phone and order one!!

This is not a minor tweak or upgrade, this is a change on par with or better than a component swap.

As Alex mentioned above, the new ps turns the TacT into an excellent preamp/dac. There is a marked improvement in dynamics, clarity, focus, and air.

I would write more, but I simply just want to get back to my system and put cd after cd in and listen. That line should mean more than any audiphile terms and banter I could type.

Thanks again for a great product Anthony.

Thank you for your kind postings.

Aberdeen Components has alot to offer for Tact owners.
Along with the power supply upgrade, we developed a special emi/rfi material that act's like a Sponge.It is not conductive nor reflective, such as other products.

For the 2150 owners we just finished the drop in High speed diode /filter upgrades.

We can do pulse transformer upgrades for all digital systems. And many other levels of UPgrades For Tact users.

Also in the works in a high performance drop in power conditioner to be used with any component. The unit contains "Aberdeen's Firewall" technology.

We believe in products that gives you TRUE Value for your money, and performs amazingly well.

Aberdeen Components