Tact MKII ?

Someone gave me a Tact MK II Processor/room correction unit. Before I try to work it into my system, is it worth it? Is the technology till relevant? Am I better off selling it? Is it worth anything?
I've heard it demonstrated at a show and at someone's house. The differences and improvements in both cases were huge (as in, I wouldn't want to listen without it anymore) so I'd think it would probably help your system as well, but I have no idea how it compares to the stuff available today. So it definitely works and certainly worth a try imo, but not sure how user friendly it is.
Are you sure it's labeled as a "MKII"?
Yep, it's labelled as a TCS MK2.

Love the volume control.
OK, it's a TCS. The status of Tact as a company seems to be in question right now, as the web site seems to be infected. In the past TacT suggested that products like the TCS could be updated. With updates to HDMI protocols and TacT's own software, I would think that would be a serious consideration. IMHO, an updated TCS might be the ultimate home theatre processor.
Oops, forgot this is the HT section. I should mention I've only heard Tact in a stereo setting, not multi-channel.