Tact Millenium MK2


Does anybody have experience with the Tact Millenium MK2?
How does it compare to ML383 or Jeff Rowland Concentra 2?
The DAC off the Tact was back in 1999 "state of the art", how does it compare to recent dac`s like the Apogee Mini Dac and the Benchmark DAC1?
I've tried it once with a NAD disc player and a CEC TL1.
They were connected with Audiophysic Caldera's.
Sound was excellent....I think it is no contest with a ML383, Jeff rowland never tried.

You can't compare the Tact with a normal DAC.
In fact it is one of the real digital amplifier.

I do recommend it!
I have had Millenium MK II at home last week for a two days. IMO it is one of the best integrated amps money can buy, MUCH better than both 383 and Concentra mk I (never heard MK II). And since everything you need to run it is a decent CD transport (no DAC or expensive ICs are necesarry) it is a serious bargain too.
Thanks guys for your responces.

Does it matter which CD transport is used?
Tact usually demonstrate with a cheap NAD 514 with Clock-Gate modification.
I read that the Clock Gate mod improves the sound even more.
If you take a more solid transport like CEC or Esoteric and ad the Clock Gate, will it sound better than the NAD?
the real improvement comes with the mk3 upgrade. the entire digital board is removed as well as a change to the back panel. the clock gate is not needed anymore and is not on the new panel. there is also a connection for a subwoofer which you can set the xover digitaly and it also comes with a built in digital parametric equilizer.as far as the transport goes it is very important. tact usa is not a real believer that transports make much of a difference. they used to use nad as nad was part of tact when peter lyngdorf owned tact as well as associated with nad. if you look at the nad silver series you will see the same chasis of the tact 2150 as well as the room correction 2.0 or 2.2x. the best improvement of the millenium is taking the mk3 to a company named the upgrade company or mrhiendaudio@aol.com and have it upgraded from there. the amp now takes on a analog sound totally different than the digital sound that all tact gear has stock. i have had my millenium from a mk1 to a mk3 and now upgraded by the upgrade company. the sonic results is short of amazing compared to the stock unit. this company upgrades cd/dvd players. the combination of a good upgraded transport and upgraded millenium will have you no longer searching any longer for that " best of bests".
how much is the MK3 upgrade and the "Upgrade Company" upgrade?
Do you think that the Sony XA50ES is a fine Transport?
Ctchen- if you haven't already purchased the MKII, you should contact aberdeencomponents.com and talk to him
about his modifed TacT 2150s. He also sell/modifies Stello transports.
the upgrade is about $2300.00 you can call tact usa and ask them. i believe there is now a tact dk or lyngdorf audio in the USA now. you can call them for their price. there is rumor of a mk4 but when i dont know. all i can share with you is the tact gear is good but until its upgraded by the company that did mine the stock gear really sounds mediocre compared to the one i have. this assesment is also the same of one of the reviewers of stereo times who had his unit done after i highly advised him to do so. the upgraded sound of the millenium mk3 actually embarasses the sound of the stock millenium as well as all the other gear that this company has upgraded for me. i wont listen to stock gear anymore. if i get something new it goes right to them after a quick listen. the improvements are not subtle especially after the units break in.