TACT Millenium Mk. II

I would appreciate feedback (comments, opinions)on the TACT Millenium Mk II digital amp. Is this product "sizzle" or is it R-E-A-L steak? Thanks...
It is the real deal. One of the most interesting presentations at lsat years CES was the TACT demonstration. I have been involved in high end audio for over 20 years, and have been let down by all of the hype most of the time. Fortunately, this amp is not hyp. It does some things that you just don't hear with many other amplifiers. The dynamic cotrasts are very well portrayed as well as the amp's ability to not have a particular identifyable character (as in many tube designs). I'm sure this amp is not perfect, but it sure knocked the socks off of me.
I have the Millenium Mk. II. When you purchase it - because you will after hearing it - you can look forward to a very neutral, musical and detailed sound with a breathtaking perspective like you never have heard it before! The design is special - a very industrial design - some might like it, but it seems very cold to me - unlike the sound. The only minus is, that it doesen't work well with all speakers. However I have used it with both B&W Nautilus 802 and Sonus Faber Guarneri Homage. These solutions gives great results both of them - however I like the SF's above the B&W sound. Best regards....
Thanks guys, Any idea how the Millenium might interface with Meadowlark Nightingales? 91 db efficient. Bass modules 4 ohms. Midrange/tweeter array 8 ohms. Must be bi-wired. The Nightingales sound fine with solid state amps but really S-H-I-N-E with tube gear. I'm a lover of vocals. How well is the recorded voice rendered?
To answer your question Ab8888: How well is the recorded voice rendered? With the Millennium mkII it is as good as it get's (even compared to tubes, which I used to own before the TacT).