TACT & Lyngdorf user satisfaction?

HEY ! I am wondering if anyone would like to comment on their experiences with either of these type units . Perhaps a summary of the system , room , speakers, how you integrated it , were you able to bypass the use of a preamp and still get audiophile soundstaging.? Anyone design their own crossover points and slopes ? I have noticed a good deal of these units have their own amplification , are the amps really something for high end systems ? Which is more user friendly, is it the most effective ? WHAT SAY YOU ! !

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I had the Lyngdorf amp with built in room correctionfor a while. It did make for some of the best soundstaging and did work well.

I found in my system at the time with Apogee ribbons that it equalized out a little too much bass for my taste overall on all the presets.

I had one speaker closer to a side wall than the other and it completely fixed any imbalance. It was good value for money and did what it said it would. If I were to pick a fault I would say the amp version was slightly soulless.