Tact amplifier repair

My Tact Audio S2150 XDM did not survive my recent move to a new house. Does anyone out there know a repair shop?

Seems that Tact is out of business, and my warranty has long since expired. It's a good time to get a new amplifier, but of course I'd like to fix it first so I can sell it!

Symptoms: when I turn on the amplifier, the screen lights up immediately, but it doesn't load anything. It shows:

D 1 Tact Audio
M/S S2150 X 00.1

No response to the remote control (even after putting in new batteries). No response to trying to change digital inputs or press any button other than the power button.

Could be as simple as a blown fuse or loose connection. Any suggestions!

Thanks in advance!
There is a TACT group on Yahoo that perhaps can help you fix it. Anthony is well known for doing this however Boz and Anthony have serious service issues if you read the Yahoo threads so I would not recommend sending it to them.
Hi Jonathon,

Did you ask Jeff Stake about this problem? Jeff posted a message on the TacT Audio User's Group (TAUG) asking about this same problem, saying it was for someone else.

Are you able to get the S2150XDM to communicate with the software on your PC? If so, can you perform a firmware download? As you mentioned, you could remove the top cover and inspect the fuses and check that they haven't blown by using a multimeter or just a battery, some wires, and a bulb from a flashlight. Another thing you can do while the cover is removed is to check that any plug-in modules and connectors are properly inserted. Make sure that you ground yourself while you are touching any of the parts.

I don't have any experience with the S2150XDM, although I do have several S2150s and other TacT gear. I'm sorry to say that I don't know of anyone who can repair TacT gear other than Boz and Anthony. Boz doesn't seem to be interested in repairing old products and Anthony has been sidelined by some personal issues. There is another Audigon member, "ncaudio", who has some experience working on S2150s, perhaps you could ask him for help. Here's an ad he ran last year:

Best of luck to you,
Hi Tip,

Thanks for your response! I didn't get an automatic email notice when you responded to my post. Yes, Jeff was kind enough to ask on my behalf.

Fortunately, I found Anthony's email address again, and he was kind enough to write back and offer to take a look. If anyone can fix it, he can.

Thanks again,
Hi Ua100k,

Yes, I've read a couple of the reviews you mention. Fortunately, I've only had good experiences with Anthony and Boz. Hopefully this time is no exception!

I need a Tact T2 remote if anyone has one or additional cards that's compatible. Thanks!

@m3: The Tact Users Group, mentioned above, is probably your best bet at locating what you need.    All that needed to post a request is a Yahoo account.  Found here: (https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/TacTAudioUsersGroup/info)
Rodman99999..... Thanks!
@Benelli-  You're quite welcome!    Happy listening(and shooting)!