Tact 2.0 Software help

I finally bought (Audiogon) a Tact 2.0 RCS. Seems to work quite nicely and I think I've got the software package largely figured out but not completely. I'm looking for someone who has "mastered" the software and would be willing to share their e-mail address so we can correspond. I have a few pointed questions. More than can be taken care of here.
Check out this Yahoo use group, it's dedicated to TACT issues and is supported by the manufacturer.

Thanks for the tip.
Tact is very helpful when you call them. They always answer the phone during business hours, and are very patient in explaining things. You can also ask them by email. I learned the 2.0 software by trial and error, but now have the 2.2x. The software for the 2.2X has a much steeper learning curve than the 2.0., and I've had to speak to them several times. Make sure that, if you bought the 2.0 used, you have the most up-to-date software.