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Currenly I have a very old setup. Crown DC 150A series II, Crown SL-1 preamp running from a $15 Chrome audio bluetooth device for streaming Deezer.  I am saving for a Shiit freya, Vidar and a good dac withing my small budget like a cambridge DAC magic? Or similar.  I am new to digital.  I love the sound I currently have but the old switches need replacing, I am wanting a remote contol to sit on the couch in my older years to enjoy music. I found not all bluetooth sources are equal. I got a "free" tablet as part of a deal from T mobile. The audio had no bass and the digital controls made to control EQ were worthless. I took it back in huge disappointment.  So I am guessing the DAC and software on cheap devices will not meet my picky standards. (Please no chuckles over my 45 year old stuff) Best buy has little to impress me at Magnolia. I need guidance on if a Samsung 10" tablet would have good sound and EQ for my not perfect room. The samsung S 8 sounds awesome...really.  . I would really like to stay away from Windows 10. I fix problems for a career every day with it and would rather do android, chrome, or MAC which is expensive for my budget but could be done. I had an Apple 6S plus which was decent to bluetooth but the samsung knocks it out of the ball park.  Can I please get some feedback on laptops,  Tablets people have used that do a good job. ( Yes even Windows, though I would rather not)  My goal would to eventually be going to the higher end streaming to lossless with Deezer, Tidal or what the audiophile experts could reccommend.  I want to sit on the couch with my laptop or tablet to control a better DAC down the road.  Thank you so much for taking the time to help me along in the digital realm.
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Search the AudiogoN forum archives for ’streaming’. There’s a wealth of information on this site. No doubt, others will chime in soon to help.

Here’s a suggestion for a budget wireless remote control that offers much better sound quality than Bluetooth. From Ebay or Craigslist, buy a cheap used PC laptop with Windows 7 Pro. This laptop will be dedicated to your system and parked on the equipment rack. Then, get a used Windows Surface RT tablet for the couch. Sync up the two units via Remote Desktop Control. And you’re set. It works great. But, the OS on the laptop must be the Pro version to have the RDP app baked in.

Until you get a DAC, this set-up should work fine running a cable from the laptop ’headphone out’ to your preamp input with a simple mini-jack to rca adapter.  You can start streaming free immediately with Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, etc.  When you eventually get a DAC, change the cabling to USB.

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for extra cheap solution just add an Amazon DOT and combo cable. cost is $50 plus interface cabling.

voice is the remote.

it supports many streaming services and then just stream away with your bad self!

for a secondary one box solution, in over coming interfaces and distances it seems to me you should look into getting a new Blue ray player that supports DLNA.

the caveat here is to ensure which file types are suported by the BR player first.

it can then be the spinner for your discs and allow playback of your pc oriented files via a third party server app.

maybe a used OPPO 103 or 93? email OPPO to make sure or check their website.

FILE BROWSER ($7 approximately) app works on tablets and phones and will show you the network resources, NAS, PCs, etc. it will allow playback to and from different devices including the BR player I think. although there are other server apps out there besides FB. some are free.

otherwise, and as you probably know, proximity is key when computers are mixed into the audio system.

getting wired?
USB suports a limited distance, optical a bit more. Sorry I can not further quantify these numbers better.

as such, other means could be an Apple mini, or some other used laptop or pc and relying upon its mini stereo output jack and a combo cord which splits up into RCAsl;..

both PCI and USB cards can be had pretty reasonably. depending on how much quality you wish to acquire. like anywhere else, mo' better means mo' money.

I've used numerous brands of each type.

AQ Dragonfly USB black or red $100 to $200 respectively, if a PC is gonna be sacrificed could . be an option.

then add in or on, apps which also have Mobile device support to control the sister app on the PC/Mac then residing at or near the preamp so your phone or tablet acts as the remote.

nab a subscription or six from the net and have fun.

IMO? I'd figure on getting a network (ethernet to USB or SPDIF) bridge and the dAC you can afford and arrive a tad more seamlessly to the result while obtaining better sound quality in the doing and not forcing another personal confuser to be added into the mix.

good luck.