Tabletop Rear Projection 16:9HDTV Over Fireplace

I'm looking for a rear projection 16:9 HDTV 42-72 inches diagonal. I need to put it over a short fireplace insert so I can't use one with a full base. I'm hoping to keep it in the $5k range. I don't wish to control the light for daytime viewing and I'm not too into fan noise so front projection and plasma seem out of the picture (eh hem, sorry) for the time being. Thanks to anyone who can help.
I can't really picture your setup here, but as for the TV, Mitsubishi makes a 46" Platinum series RPTV. Not too expensive ($2000-3000 depending on the dealer). If you're looking to put the TV over something why not look at flatpanels? I think the prices are only slightly more than your 5K range.
Hi Hitachi makes a 43" 16:9 rear projection tv. It is the 43uwx10. We sell it for under $2000. See if you can find a local store that carries both. Good luck Dan R
Thank you to Argent and Dlr for your help.
To clarify... the vertical viewing angle of rear projection tvs are limited. They generally have a base where I assume the projector is housed and are setup to be viewed while sitting on an average couch or chair. Placing them above something like a fireplace will compromise the vertical viewing angle. CRT flatpanels are generally too small and plasmas are expensive and prone to room light fading. I've also heard that plasmas generally have loud fans which is not attractive to me.