Tables with no belt change for 45's and 33's?

I have noticed that most high quality turntables are belt drive, and that you have to change the position of the belt (which is often under the platter) manually to alter the speed when you play 45's or 33's. Are there any quality tables out there that have a simple way to change the speed without moving a belt manually (which on my MMF-5 requires that you remove the glass platter)? Thanks,
The SME Model 10 has a separate contol box that eletronically changes the motor speed with a simple touch of a button. Happy Tunes!
The SME's (10, 20, 30), The Linn Axiss, not sure about lp12...
The basic Linn LP 12 involves not only a belt change, but a drive hub adapter change (UGH)! I believe that this horribly time consuming and somewhat difficult procedure is eliminated with the upgrade power supply mods (Lingo & Valhalla?).
Michelle turntables... GyroDec with the upgraded power supply or the Orbe...
A Linn LP-12 with a Lingo Power Supply will do the trick nicely. Push the power button normally for 33 1/3 when starting up, or push and hold for two seconds for 45. Nifty...
But my dealer still recommends changing belts with different speeds. Ugh.

Too many choices for a one-speed brain...
rega 9p has a power supply with a 33 and a 45 button.
Sota Sapphire
Well, any Thorens model will do. Their power switches often double as speed selectors. In order to power the table up, you will have to select either 33 or 45 before you can get the platter to start spinning. How much simpler can that be??? Want a "table" of reasonable quality in which you can enjoy with a minimum of work (i.e.--changing platter speeds...... but you still have to position and cue the arm manually. These "tables" like the Linns, the Regas, the SOTAS, and all others do not have any automatic functions on them. And with you wanting an "audiophile approved" table anyway, those shouldn't be any issue to you), but cost reasonable??? Then get you a Thorens.

Knock on wood.......

The new Basis tables (or at least my upgraded Ovation) have a dual pulley on the motor, so you just move the belt to a different grove without having to take anything apart or fumble around; I seem to recall my Well-Tempered having the same arrangement(?). Far better than my Ovation before the upgrade, where you had to change the pulley using the world's smallest Allen wrench. Or you could get a Walker motor drive (or a VPI PLC) and just flick a switch, which I do now (I got it before the upgrade, I was tired of changing pulleys).
The Nottinghams have the same dual-pulley system that Rcprince mentions in association with the Basis.
The Walker motor controller works on Basis, Walker , VPI and others.

Changes between 33 and 45 without moving the belt, allows micro adjustment for the two speeds separately and greatly improves the performance.