Table-Top Tube Radio

Greetings -

Though I may come across as behind the times, I have an affection for tube table- top radios. I have one alongside my bed and enjoy listening to it quietly as I conclude my day. It's a Tesslor and I bought it new about 10 years ago.

My question: Is there anyone making and selling them today? Not looking for a restored unit but a new one.


I hope I can redeem myself with these finds:

It took me awhile to remember just where I saw these tube radios.

All the best,

Thank you, Gentlemen for your responses. Responses which affirm there’s not much out there in newly made table-top tube radios. But you’ve given me some leads and I greatly appreciate them. Interestingly, the first pic that Nonoise sent is identical to the Tesslor I purchased about 10 years back other than a different finish.

To thecarpathian, I realize I can search just the same but am disappointed that my searches haven’t come up with anything. Perhaps the disappointment and wanting to vent was part of the reason I posted this. I know, get with the times...

I am surprised that any of these are still currently manufactured and find them very  interesting!