Table setup/help in SE WI


i live in Fort Atkinson, WI (53538). i'm looking for help installing a DL 103 on my VPI scout. i have had a shop in madison do cartridge installation but they had an issue that resulted in them buying another cartridge for me and having it sent out for repair. a few weeks later something similar happened to a friend of mine it was not a major issue, but it took them weeks to get the table out for repair and back to my friend. i'm not saying there is anything wrong with this place as i've had luck with them in the past. anyway the last MC cart i installed on this table went terribly wrong. once i my 10x5 set up and ready to go and i slipped the belt on, it spun off and somehow caught specifically on the stylus pulling it down and bending it. act of g-d i guess. anyway i'm willing to pay someone to help me or even do it for me. i just dont want to ship it to NYC. any help appreciated!
you're less than 2hrs away from Chicago where there are plenty of places that can set you up turntable.
I hate to overstate the obvious, but it's probably time you learned to do it yourself. All of us, at some point, had to learn this vital aspect of vinyl listening.

Get yourself a good quality alignment tool, such as a MintLP protractor, follow the instructions. Take time to hear what each change in set-up results in. You will eventually become proficient at it, and will no longer have to depend on what sounds to be a less-than-reliable source of cartridge set-up service.

Having this ability adds to the enjoyment of this format, as in many discplines, proficiency makes for confidence, and a sense of pride. Go for it.

Get rid of the 10/5...they bend way to easily.
the 10x5 is gone. thanks for the responses guys. is the VPI jig a decent alignment tool?
I would talk to Jon at Ultra Fidelis in Wauwatosa,Wi.
Jon is a top notch guy who will take care of you and knows analog very well.
"03-01-15: Roggae
the 10x5 is gone. thanks for the responses guys. is the VPI jig a decent alignment tool?"

Yes. You should have no problem setting a cart up yourself. I have 2 Scouts and had the 10x5. Just take your time and be careful. The thing to be most careful with is using the arm. Its great in that the design allows the arm to just come off by unplugging the cable, but you need to be really careful any time you're near it because there's nothing to steady the arm and a small bump can do a lot of damage. That's how the shop broke you're original cart. Either that or they tried lowering the arm to play a record by hand.

Also be very careful of the inverted bearing. Unless you are looking to confirm that you're fingers still have bones in them, its best not to touch it. Its incredibly sharp.

I think the only thing you'll need to buy is a scale. I think the one I have is made by Shure and its not expensive. I'm guessing around $20. Its a great TT. Once you set it up, you'll be very happy with it.
I also strongly suggest a Fozgometer and its accompanying recording.
...ohh totally forgot, there's a member here from madtown Schubert. Try to communicate, maybe he'll agree to help and show you how to do that yourself.
Except I moved to St.Paul Czarivey, otherwise I would come over with my Mobile Disc and DB protractor.
...and I moved to Raleigh; used to live there for a while and missing it.
nice place indeed.
The first thing you should do is make sure the surface the turntable and motor is on is level. Then make sure the turntable is level by putting the level on the platter and rotating it to make sure it is level in all directions. Then, the VPI jig should do just fine. Take your time and between the VPI jig and stylus tracking force guage, you should be able to get it close enough. If you can make it to Axpona in Chicago, stop by and I will show you.

Try Brian. He just set up my cart. He lives in a northern suberb of Chicago. Worth every penny to me. He came to my house and I live in Milwaukee.
Next to Capital Ford, East Side 15m from Sun Prarie
Czar, any opinions on Raleigh or Winston-Salem ?
Raleigh is fast growing area. Very good for business, jobs... Not sure about Winston-Salem, but passing by I've noticed a lot of corporate and industrial properties which is IMHO a great sign. The bible belt is also broken I'd say around Winston-Salem and Triangle(Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill) and not anymore church is the only place of entertainment: cool clubs, restaurants, bars, performing arts venues where greatest and famous artists stop by with performances... Pretty much everything you can get in NYC or Twins in terms of living in large city. You can smell pot smoke next to night clubs and cops don't get crazy about busting onse using it. The longer I live there the more money I make, and the more positive things happening with only exception to summer which I hate here.

The summer is terrible -- sometimes month-worth of over 90F temperatures and upto 2-weeks worth of at or over 100F. Myrtle Beach is great escape from exsessive heat within 3...4.5hours. The rest of seasons great!
czar! cool. i live in fort. not too far. we should meet up some time. i ended up setting it all up by my lonesome. not too difficult. on another note, anyone wanna buy a 10x5 that might need retipping? or a 2m blue in NM shape?
...only as I've mentioned I used to live close to Sun Prarie near 4 years ago. I traveled from there to Fort Atkinson to luthier to have work done on one of my acoustic guitars.