table, phono preamp or cartridge?

got my amps and speakers where I want them now to start the down the line of upgrading the analog portion.

Rogue 99 preamp
Odyssey mono blocks
Vandersteens 2ce with matching subs
RP1 w/ Ortofon Blue.

Probably stick with a Rega table when then the time comes to upgrade that.

Was thinking Rouge phono preamp first or cartridge.

Was thinking Ortofon Black.

All input appreciated. This is my first time down this path so want to do it right.
65db gain on a 5mV output cartridge strikes me as excessive. How far up the volume control do you get?

If you like MM carts then you couldn't do better than spending some quality time on Raul's big MM thread. Find one of those recommended carts and enjoy the ride. Or, given your price range, buy an AT 150 ANV MM cart and be done with the cart deliberating part of it.
Get some tubes in there. A nice tube phono stage would be nice :)
I tend to lean against tubes in a phono stage due to tube noise issues, especially if you are running an LOMC. Due to the small signal sizes involved. This from someone with tubes in both my preamp and amp.
the Rogue he owns has a tubed stage, no?
Dear Mswobo: IMHO try to have the best phonolinepreamp you can get because it's there where that precious cartridge signal is proccessed and where that cartridge signal " suffer " or can " suffer " a very hig degradation, so as better your phonolinepreamp as better quality performance level you can achieve for any cartridge you own.

Latter on you can go for the Black or whatever knowing that you have the " right " phonolinepreamp to honor that cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music,
I agree with Raulirugas.A good phono preamp would be my first choice. If phono is your only source check out the E.A.R.834P,it has a volume control so you can go direct into your amps . BTW tubes is the only way to go!
My dealer suggested I go with a preamp also..

Going to call tomorrow and take a Rogue home for a demo.

Is there a way to get better cabling on a RP1?
The Rogue 99 Preamplifier is a Tubed Design, isn't it??

Mswobo already has Tubes in his system.