Table for Clearaudio Satisfy

Is there a table, current or vintage that I can use my Clearaudio Satisfy Carbon tonearm with? I am thinking of moving away from my Redmotion table, but want to use the Satisfy with the Maestro cartdrige elsewhere. Any ideas what tables will work with this tonearm?
I have a Satisfy mounted on a Pink Triangle PT1. It's the best arm I've used on it. Your question is a little confusing though - it can be mounted on most turntables provided you have the mounting collar. It's a standard Rega mount. Since I assume you don't have the mounting collar (hence your question), you can buy one from Clearaudio. The sell for $100 I think. The collar attaches to the arm board with 3 screws, and has a set screw to fix the arm in place at the correct VTA.
Bdgregory, Thank you so much! This is my first venture into this type of set up, I am not that advanced in Table / tonearm combos. I am used to "vintage" all in one set ups. You have made my decision a no brainer, thank you so much!