TA-P9000ES owner asks other owners for help

I have a TA-P9000ES, and I really like it. But it has one quirk, and I want to see if it's a bug in my particular unit, or if they're all like that.

Here's the quirk: I can turn the volume up well past the threshold of pain by turning the big volume knob on the front of the unit by hand, but when I increase the volume by using the remote, it only goes to about the 1/3rd (or maybe 2/5ths) level. I can't use the remote to turn the volume up all the way. Does yours act like this too?
Sony support has this in their knowledgebase, and says it's "by design" in order to prevent something sitting on the remote and driving the volume all the way up. Oddly, I bought a second one of these units, and its volume control runs all the way up with the remote. It's not clear if that's because they added or removed the volume limit in later models vs. earlier models.