TA-102 fo.Q Product from Japan "TRY These"

TA-102 fo.Q from Japan. 
I just added these to the bottom of my Focal Speaker stands. They are supposed to reduce vibrations and I must say they have tightened up the soundstage and bass. For a package of 2 for speakers they cost about $35 and it only took about a week to receive. 
I bought additional ones that I will try on the inside of some of my component covers. These are the real deal, even  better than Herbies!

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Getting items delivered from Japan is a crapshoot. My first order took only a week, but I think that was fluke. The second took much longer (about 3 weeks) and the third has not arrived yet. But I did order them a few weeks apart.


I really believe you could improve your sound quality by trying some of the tweeks mentioned in this forum. Choice is yours & yours alone of course. 
Nice detective work... and I see some teamwork going on here. So who is the team leader of this snake oil business? And who are the followers?

Can't you tell it's a young man's room? That's my second system I recently set up in my son's room since he left home. He got his degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from one of the top engineering colleges in the nation. I'm so proud of this bright young man.  I got the tube amp just about 2 months ago. I've been thinking of posting my main system (massive class A amps/preamp/speakers and a new DAC, room treatment, etc..) but that's never going to happen. I don't want these people (you know who I'm talking about) to see it.Anyways the key component in this small system is the FM tuner. Just turn on the amp and tuner... no need to replace discs... no need to log in and browse. These days I rarely go down to the listening room. $500 for the tube amp, $150 for the CD player (actually i didn't need it), $20 for the FM tuner, $600 for the speakers, $100 for the speaker cables (Kimber 8tc), $50 for the 10awg power cable. The bottom line here is that you don't need to spend so much money to get yourself an enjoyable system. Being an audiophile is all about loving and enjoying music. Do not waste money on things that are not necessary.
Just bought 2 packs. Don't know how many components 2 orders will take care of if doing iec, caps,  rca's, volume pot, power cord ends, crossover caps. Any advise if you only had 2 packs, total 4 sheets where to place it, and how big of a piece for big caps without dulling sound. jkbtn give the snake oil a shot what do you have to lose I think you would be suprised throw some better caps in your tweeter path or a couple diy 8 or 10 gauge power cords. You may crossover to the other side.

paulcreed -

If you bought 2 packs of TA-102 thick tape -

One 100mm x 20mm strip on each power outlet in use.

Completely surround the exterior of each component’s iec power inlet with 20mm tape. Also cut a 20mm x 35mm piece for each side of the iec power plug. Normally I would wrap these with TA-32 thin tape, but either way this gives a major improvement in sound quality.

for big (vertical) caps, just cover the top of the cap with a square piece. Cutting them into circular pieces would be wasteful if you only have 2 packs. I don’t think fo.Q dulls sound on caps (my opinion, my taste).

For transformer, depending on size, maybe a 75mm square piece. More is better.

If you have a turntable, on the tonearm base near the tonearm and connector. Small rectangle on the tonearm headshell.

10mm strip on each side of the RCA connector banks on all amps, preamps, DACs etc.

Anywhere on crossover boards where it’s safe to place conductive tape.

20mm pieces all around the speaker terminals. If you can attach the thick tape to the speaker cable terminals (both ends), that would be great as well.

Any leftover, try anywhere on any chassis where you suspect vibration could occur.

If you do all that, you probably won’t believe your ears. It would be nice to know if you agree, after you have a listen. I hope you like it, I’m certain you will actually!