TA-102 fo.Q Product from Japan "TRY These"

TA-102 fo.Q from Japan. 
I just added these to the bottom of my Focal Speaker stands. They are supposed to reduce vibrations and I must say they have tightened up the soundstage and bass. For a package of 2 for speakers they cost about $35 and it only took about a week to receive. 
I bought additional ones that I will try on the inside of some of my component covers. These are the real deal, even  better than Herbies!

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If I’m trying to "gain some popularity" on here, why would I recommend something that doesn’t work? That would be very short-lived popularity.

If piezoelectric vibration damping is impossible and therefore snake oil according to you, then you must also believe all of Furutech’s piezoelectric NCF damping products are also snake oil. They operate on exactly the same principles as fo.Q.

So many scientists, patents, research and development, all proved wrong by you merely uttering the magic words "snake oil". Congratulations mate.
How can anyone call anything snake oil till they buy it, put it in their system, then you can state your personal findings? I was bashed by people like jkbtn when I started a thread on the furutech NCF break in. I was told " no such thing as break in" " light candles and chant" by rude people that never bought or heard NCF. I find this post very interesting and looked into this tape after reading this post a couple weeks ago. It's only $35 and I'm going to try it. I always wanted to try AVM( Anti Vibration Majik) but it was a messy goo, certainly for resale of gear so I didn't buy. Now I can try a similar product without the mess, thanks ozzy
who stole the bat mobile

“… I’m not affiliated in any way with fo.Q or any other audio product, and you can take my word for that…”

Ok, I’d take your word for that… but why are you fiercely defending this magic tape if you’re not affiliated?

As you’re probably already aware there is so much dishonesty going on in this so called “high-end” audio world… magic stones/pebbles/wood/tapes/mats (from PerfecPathTech) and more. Mr. Einstein came up with his theory of relativity about 100 years ago and defined the space-time continuum and gravity. The point is that everything in the theory plays out within the laws of physics. Actually you can understand the special theory, probably except for the Lorentz transformation which requires higher level math skills. It will certainly make you cry.

However, these magic things do not. Nothing but snake oil. I know that Furutech makes expensive connectors/ac receptacle/other components. I’d call it BS. You can definitely get same (or very very close) sound quality using cheaper components from Taiwan or elsewhere. You must be a highly trained music professional like Leonard Bernstein to tell any difference in sound quality between those using Furutech components and those using much cheaper Taiwanese ones. So do not waste money if you’re not Jeff Bezos.

If you have enough money to spend…

1. Upgrade your DAC

2. Get a good preamp from those venerable audio brands like Pass, Krell, Levinson, Accuphase. Will last a century.

3. Of course, nice amps and speakers

And these are all DIY projects.

1. Proper speaker placement - $0.00.

2. Room treatment – Go to Walmart/Homedepot/JoAnn’s to get materials. It’s fun to make it yourself.

3. Replace the circuit breaker (if it’s a 15 amp) with a 20 amp one for the power amp. Go find some video tutorials on Youtube.

4. Replace the AC receptacles with hospital grade 20A receptacles. This doesn’t improve the sound but I like the tightness. You can find nice ones on ebay/amazon $10 each.

5. But never spend $$$ on power cables or conditioners. Again, SNAKE OIL.

There's no point debating anything with you, jkbtn, because you are ignorant of the subject at hand. All the best.
Jkbtn would you do us a favor and list your system. It might shed light on why these type of tweeks have no results on your system. That is if you have ever tried them because you seem so knowledgeable on this subject. " never spend money on power cables or conditioners" is the dumbest closed minded  thing I have ever heard on this web sight and I have been a member 15 years. The purchase of my first Running Springs power conditioner (15 years ago) was the most eye opening experience in audio to date. If I would have listened to you I would have been robbed of all the enjoyment and music from that purchase. jkbtn put your money where your mouth is go buy a reasonably priced used Tara Lab The One power cord, Furutech NCF outlet or well regarded passive power conditioner and tell me it's all snake oil. If you do your system is not up to the task.