T400 or t800

Just purchased t800 already have t400 any opinions
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Could you be a little more generic? Since a T400 & T800 could be almost any model from almost any manufacturer.

I'm assuming you mean a Threshold T400/T800 amplifier? Same amp, more power. It would really depend if the speaker you're driving needs the extra power.

My opinion would be, if you don't need the power, you wasted your money.
Had both a T400 and a T800, the T800 is a superior sounding amplifier, IMO.

The T400 had a higher rail voltage and more output devices per node. The higher rail voltage resulted in less bias current and because of the more output devices less per device also.

The T800 on the other hand was a a fully Balanced amplifier, basically 2 of the sweet sounding T200 in one chassis. Lower rail voltage more bias current and more power.

I suspect that the T400 because of the high voltage pushed the transistors out of their sweet spot. A transistor has a voltage and a current where it prefers to operate and just sounds right. With a higher voltage one can only adjust the current so high before the heat sinks become too hot.

Good Listening

Sorry, I stand corrected...
I've only owned the T400, and I thought it sounded very good for a SS amp. That was almost a decade ago though. Recently I was looking at a T800, as a local gent was selling one, but the lowish input impedance sent me looking in another direction.

Thanks for the detailed answer Peter, I would have assumed the same as Mofi, that power was the only difference. You see, you just can't assume anything in this hobby! LOL!!