???? T.H.E. Show ?????????

What do you all think? It is only open to professionals in the industry!!!!!! I attended to one held in Las Vages a few years ago under the false pretence of being an installer (ya, my own) but I didn't tell them that. Anyhow, I think It should be open to anyone who wants to attend. Charge us even but let us in! How in the world can this industery ever grow when it is only accessible to the producers and retailers. As an audiophile end user living in a city of 300,000 most of the audio equipment is nowhere to be found. Anyhow, what do you all think?
Well as you found out, in practice T.H.E. show and CES are open to creative non-industry-professionals. I'd bet a nickel you're not the first such person to attend, and won't be the last either. Don't worry, I won't rat you out.

Other shows, such as the Stereophile show and upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, are open to the public - creativity optional.

I find a disguise often helps.
I think the Las Vegas shows should be limited to industry professionals (and their associates) only. The shows are way overcrowded as it is, and if they start letting eveyone attend it would result in pure kaos. As it is, quite a few "creative" attendees are normally there under false pretenses...
Wasn't "kaos" that cold war secret organization fictionalized in that wacky 1960's series "Get Smart"?
Jj2468, I'd like to answer that, but I'm afraid we'd need to use the "Cone of Silence" for security concerns... And that's been out-of-order for quite some time... Maybe try me on the shoe-phone later.