T-Amp with SD Card Rreader Connection?

I am wondering about these T-Amps and in particular this one the:

MUSE S7 APE FLAC Player +TDA7498L Digital T-amp Amplifier Machine+power adapter

It is being sold on Ebay from China and I am looking to use the Speaker Outputs into a SS Preamps Inputs using a Cable I can make up.

The reason I ask is that I want to use the SD Card Reading capability as I have a few of them and they hold enough MP3 music that I have collected.

I would just adjust the Vol. Controller to be used in the way of GAIN Output to the Inputs of the Preamp.

Can I do this without damaging the Preamp ?

If there is an SD Card Reader that anyone knows about please inform me as I am just getting back into AUDIO after a long hiatus.

IMHO, you can't do what you want to do with just a cable. You would need a speaker level to line level convertor.

Something like this:


There are a lot of different ones out there from very inexpensive to not so much.

I have never tried this, so I have no idea how it would sound.