T-amp Experience Anyone ?

I'm wanting to play around with one of the new cheapo T-amps but there are too many options and little info (except on the Trends).
Looking at the Trends 10.1, the KingRex T20 and a couple that seem to be hybrids with more power- the PopPulse T40i and the Yulong TA4780.
The first two are upgradable with battery power, the other two feature more power giving you more speaker options.
Do the amps with the added power transformers lose the T-amp "magic"? Is one tripath chip better than the other?
Any firsthand experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I have 2 Trends 10.1s and they're great, but be realistic for the ~$100 you pay. I use them in remote/spare systems, normally with PC or ipod input. If you drive efficient speakers they sound great, but unless they're 100db efficient, don't expect to boogy at high volume. I like them with Jazz/acoustic music in particular. I haven't modded mine with better cap's nor battery power, but it's tempting.
My friend who does my repair work made me the 30 wpc based tripath amp as a gift. I was using a single ended triode for my mids and highs,with a Curcio DAC and pre-amp electronic x-over. After 40 tears in the stereo game I was floored,big soundstage, good depth and detail is the best. Was bright till break-in and some of my custom made internal wiring.Very life like sound
how do you connect a sla battery to these amps? do you still use the wall wart and connect that to the battery or run leads off the battery directly to the amp? any caps needed?
Tamp ok but not sufficient for good reason of sound quality and experience is much better for high quality WADIA equipments. Many years pass since post here but WADIA still best of all.
@begs any brands to share?