T+A preamplifier observations?

Does anyone here own any of the T+A preamplifiers? If so, what are your thoughts and how would you characterize its sound? I know this is a European audio manufacturer who are well respected in Germany.
I have the 535-R T + A preamp/processor. It has an FM tuner, phono preamp and a preamp for headphones. The sound is quite good bordering on excellent. I have it for about a year and am mostly satisfied. It does not have HDMI connections. I bought it used at 25% off the list price from a high end dealer here in NYC and they installed it and se up a remote so that I do not have to use a half dozen of them. I have had a few set up problems after that and they have sent technicians to straighten things out without further charge to me. I love great sound being a classical music lover and a movie lover and use 5.1 surround sound when appropriate.