T+A Power plant MKII - cable suggestions

Can anyone with experience with T+A equipment recommend a good power cord and speaker cable? I know they make their own cables but I don't believe they are available in the U.S.. I will be using the T+A Power Plant with Dynaudio Focus speakers.

Did you ever hear back on this? I just got a pair of Dynaudio Focus speakers and am looking for an amp. Thoughts? I was just going to snag a Simaudio i5 but saw a great deal on T+A Power Plant
I tried a Simaudio 340i, Arcam A28 and the T+A power plant MkII with the Dyns and found the T+A to be the best amp. The Dynaudio's just came alive with all that power. I now know why people have always said that Dynaudios love power. The Simaudio sounded a little too polite to me and the Arcam was not bad but just didn't have the punch of the T+A... especially in the lower octaves. I couldn't be happier with the choice. Plus the T+A looks awesome, has recessed connections and a very well functioning loudness button for late night listening. On top of that its extremely energy efficient using only a fraction of a watt in standby.

I went with JPS labs Ultraconductor 2 cables all around and have been very satisfied. The midrange seemed to be "clearer" and more airy compared to my Analysis Plus cables.
Does anyone have experience with The T+A Solid State Preamp and CD player?
Now that you have had your T+A Power Plant MK2 for a while how do you like it and have you changed anything ie cables or speakers?
I have T+A K8 (Bluray + Pre + power amps all in one) which is driving my beloved Revel Salon 2. Believe it or not K8 works great and is a lot better than what I heard from some power amps in demo room. I entered fi-hi audio industry several years ago and I do not want to invest what I do not understand neither someone's taste.

I will probably get power amps soon probably from pass lab but I will use K8 as a pre-amps and source. I heard and saw many sources + preamp + power amp combination but I felt that somehow more device does not gave me a better sound quality. Maybe I need to listen more.
I did not like the T+A powerplant at all. The depth of this amp is the worst I've ever heard. It has power, clarity, precision, etc. The huge, huge downfall is that it sounds like you are listening to a pane of glass.

If you are familiar with how tubes draw you in, this pushes you hard to the sideline. Sucked for me. YMMV.
I've been very happy with the T+A Powerplant MKII paired with Dynaudio Focus speakers. I went with all Nordost cabling and it seems to work quite well. Is it the best amp I've ever heard? No, but it definitely is a very musical amp despite being digital. I think a lot of it has to do with their own "Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) output stage." Its their own in house design and the dynamics are probably the best I've heard for an amp in this price range. I wish the amp was a little bit warmer overall but it's definitely not a cold, clinical sounding amp. I've seen Dynaudio use this and other T+A amps to power their speakers at conventions and now I know why. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it in its price range.
Who wouldn't be happy with that T+A ?
Just looking at it makes me swoon.

Stage III Concepts power cords are a sonic match for T+A gear. Excellent synergy. Nordost IC are sonic matches as well. Keep us posted & Happy Listening!