T+A Power Plant ... any opinions?

I have an opportunity to get a T+A Power Plant integrated amplifier at a pretty good price and I will be powering Dynaudio Focus 160 speakers. The amp will be replacing a Naim 5i-2. Any opinions on the T+A amp would appreciated. Thanks!
Is this the latest model? The treble(problem with most class D amps)is claimed to be an improvement with the current model. I have NOT heard the T+A Power Plant, but I did demo the ARC DSi 200($6000)and was disappointed. FWIW the best class D technology(sonics) has not trickled down to the lower price points. If you like the Naim move up the product line.
Its the first gen model. I did some research last night and I think you are right - Seems like it can sound a little harsh in areas. I'll take a look at the Naim Nait XS and see if that offers the needed power requirements of the Dyn's. Thanks for your help.
I heard this with Dynaudio Excite speakers at a dealer last Fall. To my ears, it sounded dark and almost lush compared to a Simaudio integrated (price about $3k, I don't remember the model), which had more detail but a slightly dry midrange in comparison.