Having done a considerable amount of research and read numerous reviews about this cd/sacd/dac I decided to order one from my local hi-fi dealer. This is an expensive high-end player and is extremely well built and sounds very nice indeed. I think you can detect a "but" coming....and it is that the transport is noisy, particularly when playing red book cd -- sacd is far less of an issue. The mechanism is at its loudest at the start of a cd (when it's spinning at its fastest) and reduces over time as it tracks across the cd. The noise resembles a mechanical rumble and varies in level between different cd's which makes it particularly baffling.
I would welcome any comments from other owners of this machine to see if they have experienced any similar issues. I have never heard or read of any problems of this kind when doing my research.
I have contacted the UK importers of T+A and they are assisting with the situation.   

We are the East Coast T+A dealer and we have the exact same machine on display and it is completely silent.

The issue might have been if the unit was not a brand new unit and was shipped without the transit screw in place.

It is silent on both SACD and CD playback and the machine is incredibly well built if you are having a problem with the transport which is one of the best mechanisms on the market, I would look at shipping damage.

The piece is very heavy and should be shipped on a pallet so I would investigate this issue. 

T+A is a wonderful company who stands 100% behind their products so I would contact your dealer and they should take care of this problem for you.

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ
The internals on  SACD/CD player should be quiet.  My Esoteric player makes no such noise and their VRDS NEO transport is one of the best in the business.