T&A integrated amps, any users?

I have been thinking about changing to an integrated amp to consolidate my system.  The usual suspects would include Accuphase, Luxman and Gryphon.  The T&A PA 2500R caught my eye due to it's feature set and higher current capability to double the watts at 4 and 2 ohms.  A good phono stage is a plus and even tone controls would be a bonus. 

The upper end options such as the T&A HV series, Gryphon diablo 300 or Accuphase E-480 would be out of the budget since I want to stay below $15k.

I am looking for any feedback on the PA 2500R.  Thanks.

Goose we are T+A dealers so obviously we are biased. We had a demo 2500r on display for a few weeks as it was a loaner, and although we wanted to buy one for display we never got around to it, perhaps in 2019.

The 2500r was exceptional and represented all of the qualities of the higher end T+A gear, it was exceptional open huge soundstage, warm but detailed, the bass was tight and punchy and the low leve resolution was exceptional. One of the best integrated amplifiers we have ever heard. 

One poster here was considering a Prima Luna and the Pass Labs Int 250 for powering his Wilson Sashas, and based on our conversation demoed at 2500r and found it to drive his WP Sashas to perfection and was smaller and more practical then the huge and heavy and hot running Pass product.

Their is an openess and presence to the T+A gear which is rather special. 

Dave and Troy
Audio Doctor NJ T+A dealers