T+A DSD 8 DAC v. Lampizator Atlantic DSD only

My current setup: Sonictransporter server (i7 quad core purpose built to run HQP) running Roon into Modwirght Transporter(max rez 24/96) into Cary SLP-05 pre into Modwright 150 SE powering Aerial Model 9s.


I have loved my MW TP, but I think it is now about out of date, at least for my main system. I  purchased the Sonictranpsorter server for HQP because I would like to upsample all my FLACs to DSD 512. At least at first I intend to plug the ST into a Regen and the Regen into the USB on whichever dac I use. I would love to also use a Microrednu but it does not have drivers compatible with these dacs for 512.


I have heard and enjoyed Lampis before although in very different setups than mine. I doubt I will have an opportunity to demo one in my system (although Lampi does have a 7 day return). I like the sound of tube gear generally. I like a wet sound. Holographic imaging, rich tonality, and natural. I have issues with fatigue on ultra resolving systems.


Even though it is SS, I am nonetheless intrigued by the T+A. First, a number of reviews  (including especially Michael Lavorgna's on Audio Stream)  suggest that it competes with the very best (and most expensive) DACs made when playing 512. Second, while not cheap, it is way less than the apparent competition. An Atlantic Lampi requires expensive upgrades to be able to play 512 and for balanced outputs.


So, if anyone has experience with these dacs, I was wondering how you would compare the sounds? Is the T+A something that would likely work for someone with my tastes? Can the sound of the T+A be tweaked to sound more tubey with HQP and/or the filters built into the T+A? And, keep in mind that I do have a tube pre and I can tube roll the 6sn7s.

Thanks in advance for the input.

Oh, and Rutherford Audio will be lending me a T+A for a demo.

Ask AudiophileBill at Whatsbest forum. He had the SGM with the T+A for a review of the SGM and owns a GG Dac.

If price is the major consideration, the T+A will be great option (its sweetspot will be at DSD512). My only concern is your expressed sonic preferences...I think a Bal Atlantic DSD only will perhaps suit you better...but will cost more.

Thanks. I contacted A-Bill and posted this on the forum.

The Real Reason Some People Prefer Analog To Digital


There’s a problem that has been ignored by the entire music industry which I believe is really important for music-lovers that I think you my want to investigate.  Approximately 35 years ago when digital media was introduced to the music consuming public as a media with “Perfect Sound Forever” the music industry made a huge screw up when it got the playback polarity of digital music on CDs and later DVDs, etc. in reversed (inverted polarity).  On a purely random basis that means that digital media and files are heard in the wrong polarity approximately 85% of the time and either 92% wrong or correct when audio systems are set to a fixed playback polarity.


The result is that the music played in inverted polarity sounds harsh and two-dimensional. And that’s probably the major reason that some music-lovers still believe (without knowing the real reason) that analog sounds better than digital.  Analog media plays in the correct polarity over 99.9% of the time but also sounds bad if played in inverted polarity.  It’s difficult if not impossible to make meaningful comparisons of the fidelity and musicality of media and audio components when they aren’t playing in absolute polarity.  The better the playback system the easier it is to hear the differences in polarity.  Confusion over polarity may cause music-lovers to expend needless time and money trying to smooth out the irritating and flat sound of digital media when the real problem is music played in inverted polarity.


This should be an object lesson on how an entire industry with its experts and electrical engineers can get it wrong and not do anything about if for over 35 years and counting!  So it should be an object lesson that the entire industry that creates recorded music and is based upon scientific principles continues to mostly get polarity wrong.


I've written two monographs that go into great detail about the problem at: http://www.AbsolutePolarity.com andhttp://www.PolarityGeorge.com.  If you or anyone you know might be interested in developing ThePerfect Polarizer™ that will detect and correct polarity in real-time, then please forward this email to them/encourage them to contact me, because I believe it could be accomplished with AI/App.  Now, do you want to be part of the problem or part of the solution?”


Respectfully submitted,


George S. Louis, Esq., CEO

Digital Systems & Solutions

President San Diego Audio Society (SDAS)

Website:  www.AudioGeorge.com

Email: [email protected]

Phone:  619-401-9876