T+A DAC 8 DSD vs chord Hugo TT vs SoTM sDP 1000 EX?

Does anyone have any experience comparing these? I find the T+A very attractive considering the price and its handling of DSD 512. The chord or the SoTM are some of the other options that look interesting. The performance as a pre amplifier is critical as well.
Any of these will be challenging an exogal Comet DAC which is being powered by the best power supply I know of (Qualia Physic, unfortunately no longer available) and which brings it to a level that is head and shoulders above the exogal external psu. So this is my baseline and I'm wondering if any alternative in this price range may be more than a side step regarding the exogal ...

I don't have first hand experience but I have opinions...
I would take the T+A DAC 8 if you have an audio-pc that puts out DSD 512 in good quality (expensive). The T+A has the reputation of being exceptional if you upsample to DSD 512 - otherwise mediocre. I had a chord Hugo once - a very mediocre product in the end - battery powered product lack dynamics - as the sotm will do. I would look closely into a crane song solaris or a metrum jade.