T+A Dac 200 HDMI issues

I have a T+A DAC 200 and am having issues with the HDMI inputs which I am using for the first time.   The first issue is when I attempt  to play a two channel SACD from my Sony UDB-X700 Blu ray player I get  sound, but there is a very significant background static noise (crackling and hissing) coming from the speakers.  It is not a ground loop hum.   I have removed all other source connections to the DAC 200  and still get the noise.  I have tried multiple HDMI connectors and different power sources and I still get the noise.   I have the Sony player configured to output a DSD signal and that is shown in DAC 200 display as DSD 64.     If I configure the Sony player to output PCM, everything works fine with no static and the DAC 200 display shows PCM 176.   I would prefer to have the DSD work as opposed to using PCM.
The next issue I have happens  when playing a Blu Ray movie in two channel using the DAC 200 HDMI 1 or 2 (not using ARC) inputs.    Regardless of whether I select PCM or DSD output on the Sony player the DAC 200 displays “PCM Multi CH” when playing the movie.  It does not seem to get the two channel down mix from the Sony player even though I have selected stereo as the down mix option in the player settings.   This results in me hearing only  the front  left and right front channels from the surround mix so I am not getting the center channel  vocals in the mix.   I have tried many combination of DSD and PCM settings on the Sony player without any success.  
Any help would be appreciated on these issue.  Maybe a bad HDMI card?  Or maybe a bad player?

I’ve made the T+A North America team aware of this thread and they confirmed they will be looking into this. If you purchased the DAC new, I suggest asking your dealer first in the future as these types of issues may be so specific to the pairing of your equipment that it is not an easily replicable one by others. But who knows? Perhaps someone else on the forums can help!

I did purchase the DAC new and have contacted T+A support with my equipment details and also have posted on Audiophile style site about the issue. I appreciate you contacting T+A North America. I posted here in hopes that others owners may have used their DAC 200 as I mentioned and might have some insight. It could simply be that my Sony UDB-X700 isn’t working as it should as far as presenting a two channel down mix to the DAC 200 or maybe I am trying to do something that just isn’t possible.

But they do,  I can play my SACDs over HDMI from my Sony UDB-X700 to my DAC 200 and I get a DSD signal into the DAC and great sound, except for a lot of background static.  Maybe the background static is because it isn't supposed to work.   That's what I am trying to find out. 

See if your able to play DSD from a different DSD transport. Your dealer should be able to do this for you. It doesn't sound to me like the problem is with the DAC but rather the Sony.