Syzygy sub app not responding

Hello Audiogon world.  I just updated the iOS on my iPhone 8 and now my Syzygy control app tries to load, but I only get a black screen. The phone's Bluetooth is on, and I re-downloaded the app a couple of times. I unplugged the sub, hit the reset button, etc. No dice.  I sent an email to the folks at Syzygy. Have any Syzygy owners experienced this?  I have the SLF 850 model by the way (which I love).  Thanks!
I have the same issue along with a few others I’ve spoken to. I was lucky enough to talk to the owner of Syzygy and he knows about the issue and is working on a fix... I own the 870 and love it as well! 

I suspect the new Apple download is not compatible until the control app is also updated.
A gentleman from Syzygy contacted me following my email query. He says they were caught off guard by the update, and a fix is coming soon. He said the sub will need a firmware update...I hope they post something on their website. Despite this, I’m very happy with my sub.