Sytem advice Upgrade? Help!!

I currently have Nakamichi AV-7 an mb-10 cd player and a set of B&W dm620s. I have the chance to upgrade to seperates starting with a B&K avp1000. Questions I have are: what amp recomendations(I will probably want a multi channel amp) Can I go with a tube stereo and then a 3channel amp for surround. Is this a decent upgrade? Help!!
I wouldn't do a tube amp at all, but its just because I'm from the transistor camp. I'm not saying that there aren't some nice tube amps out there, but solid-state does it better, and for cheaper. There is way too much romanticism surrounding those little glowing chrome-plated toys of yesteryear. If you want the pleasure of working on your own audio gear then tube amps are great. But, all things aside you would probably be happiest finding a nice high quality five channel solid-state amplifier, and there are plenty out there. Parasound builds some, Outlaw Audio does too and a whole bunch of others I can't recall off hand. Look around and see what you can find at a good price.
I agree with Ezmeralda11. Your current system reminds me of mine about 7 or 8 years ago. I finally got in to seperates and did so a little at a time, as I could afford it. I think that Acurus amplifiers are a great place to start. You will be happy with the quality of sound for a long time. Just be careful not to match them with a bright speaker. In your shoes I would look for an A200 and an A200X3. I kept my denon receiver and then used the preout/mainins to add an A200 and retained the internal amps in the receiver for center and rear duty. Eventually I added a 200x3 and did not utilize the internal denon amps at all. Finally, I could afford my ACT3 and my seperates system was complete without ever dropping lots of money at onece. I still have my Acurus Act 3 serving as preamp in my system and am very very happy with the performance of this piece. I have upgraded my acurus amps to Aragon just recently to drive my Thiel 3.6's. Look around and you can find used acurus items very reasonably priced, and it will be head and shoulders above any receiver you have heard. Good luck! and have patience....