Systemdex IIx. .. need cartridge recommendation

I just purchased a Systemdek IIX turntable with a Profile tonearm. However, the TT had no cartridge. What cartridge would you recommend for this turntable? Also what mat would enhance the music?

Btw, my listening room is in the basement and has carpet over a concrete floor so footfalls are not a problem.

I listen to a lot of jangle pop, power pop, ethereal pop, post punk, college radio, be-bop jazz, and blues.

I am upgrading from a B&0 RX2 turntable with an MMC1 cartridge.

The rest of my system is as follows:
B&K ST-140 amp
Polk Audio Monitor 7 speakers
Onkyo Integra P-304 preamp
Superphon Revelation II preamp (modded with Black Gates) used with the turntable.

Thanks in advance.

Taking all the system components into account, and the relative prices, to maintain a suitable price/performance ratio, I would recommend one of the Goldring MM models, like a 1022GX or a 1042. This keeps the cost of the cartridge under the price of your TT/arm combination, and provides a good match with the arm. Sound quality for the price is very good, and it has a little warmth to sweeten things up a bit.
On a glass platter, I would recommend a felt mat like the Rega TTs use, or a Ringmat.

Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it. Are there any immediate tweaks I can do for this turntable? For instance will tone arm dampening help or a record clamp?

Are there any upgrades that I might consider for the future, like a new tone arm or better interconnects? I am new to world of non Bang & Olufsen turntables.


Hi John, personally, I would leave it as is, as far as the major aspects, like arm or motor. Little tweaks may work out, but they are rather individual to the system being used. I think that a dedicated stand made of lightweight material, and very rigid construction would benefit the sound. Don't put it on top of your equipment rack. A Sound Organisation TT stand would be a very good choice.

Regarding tweaking in general, I always recommend looking at upgrade costs, before spending money on tweaking. Some tweaks can be pretty costly, and you may do better to move up to a different TT, by the time you get done with the cost of tweaking the one you have. So always keep in mind the cost of tweaking vs the cost of upgrading.

About the record clamp, some like the sound of a clamp and some don't. Also different clamps sound different. They are not cheap. Some cost more than your TT.

Tonearm damping is only effective if your arm is having resonance problems, and would be largely cartridge dependant. Overdamping can deaden the sound. You could try a little bit around the arm tube at 1/3 the distance from the pivot point. The Goldring cartridges I recommended would give a good match with your arm, and likely not cause any resonance problems for you.
Since you already have this table---and it is limited-- don't spend to much on it. A decent Cardas phono cable can help.
I had the same 'table or a while and used a Grado Black pickup with a felt mat. All in all it was enjoyable and the cost of the pickup was in keeping with the 'table/arm.
I have the same table with a hadcock arm, and the
Audio Technica oc9 is a a great fit.
I tried a benz glider too, but I like the oc9 best and that shelter 501 mII looks like a super deal. Good luck.